Where Do Your Good Intentions Come From? [Quote – 847]

Aug 5, 2017

Allah bless all those wonderful people who do all the amazing work that they do for Allah. 

And Allah bless them even more for all the great leadership that they provide for this work — this business of Working for Allah: Whatever it is and however it is done.

Of course the best, the right, the proper, and in fact the only, way to do this work — Allah’s Work — is to do it according to the light, the guidance and the instructions provided by the Qur’an and the Sunnah.

And of course, thereafter, if there is such a thing as “thereafter,” there is Science, and then there is something called Common Sense.

Let Muslims take a good look at this Four-Step Formula and see where they end up. For, nothing runs human affairs like these four components together do.

My offer of helping out with this or that project, whether it is Twitter or something else, like all else I do or do not do, is contingent on all the constraints I operate under. As if no one else has any constraints that they have to deal with. 

So the basic formula is this. Let me spell it out — as clear as I can: 

You do the Niyyat — form a firm intention that is — and God Almighty, 
Allah, Subhaanahu wa Ta’alaa, will do the work!

But there seems to be a catch. And the catch is this: 

We humans cannot even come to the stage of making intentions, 
or wanting something, or wishing for something good, nice and noble, 
until our chain is yanked from above.

Go figure, as they say in America!

Or just pick up the Noble Qur’an and read the following Aayat Karimah:

Wa Maa Tashaa-oona Illaa An Yashaa-Allahu Rabbul A’alameen!

What an Aayat!

And what a book, this Qur’an!


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