Where Is Waldo?

Jul 21, 2013

Waldo? No, not really!

This is not really about looking for Waldo, but about looking for Dr. Morsi: the first freely and democratically elected president of Egypt in all of Egyptian history, in what the whole world says were the fairest, freest and most transparent elections ever.

Where in the world is President Morsi?

Since the Criminal Egyptian Military Junta criminally kidnapped President Morsi on July 3, 2013, from the presidential palace in Cairo in a criminal coup d’état, President Morsi has not been heard from.

No one seems to know where he is or what is happening to him.

Is he alive or is he dead? Did the Military Junta kill him?

Or is he being tortured and subjected to “Enhanced Interrogation” by the Egyptian Military Junta and its domestic and foreign masters, financiers and puppeteers, both Muslim and non-Muslim?

Is President Morsi in Egypt or has he been “renditioned” to what the United Nations would call a CIA Black Site outside Egypt, to a neighboring Muslim or non-Muslim country, to be tortured and subjected to “Enhanced Interrogation” by foreign enemies of Egypt?

All this is Number One: Where is President Morsi and what is happening to him and whether he is even alive?

Number Two is the shameful, cowardly and hypocritical fact that no one seems to be even raising the question: Where is President Morsi and what is happening to him?

Not inside Egypt and not outside Egypt, even though the multiple millions of Muslim masses marching in the streets of Cairo for the past two weeks are constantly talking, albeit somewhat obliquely and naively, about President Morsi’s return.

But the basic question “Is President Morsi alive or dead, and in what condition he is, and what is being done to him and where?” is not being raised anywhere by anyone in any clear, systematic and serious fashion.

Not by the traditional “Keepers of Democracy” anywhere like the UK and the European Union.

Not by President Obama or the State Department.

Not by the United Nations. 

And not by those who claim to speak in the name of Islam.

This willful and culpable silence on the part of all everywhere on this most critical issue of International Law and Legitimacy is as questionable as the actual criminal coup d’état the Egyptian Military Junta perpetrated on July 3 against President Morsi and his legitimate and democratic government of Egypt.

The simple fact is this:

If any of these people gave a hoot about human rights and democracy – or about Islam and Muslims – they would have spoken out.

And they would have demanded with one loud voice the immediate release of President Morsi and his unconditional return to the presidential palace in Egypt.

Some of them would have done even better: Some of them would have picked up the phone and called General Sisi, the head of Egypt’s Criminal Military Junta, and ordered him to release President Morsi.

Now!” they would have screamed in the phone. “Before I put down the phone. I want Morsi out!”

And the criminal gang in Egypt and its head would have readily obliged.

The fact that they did not do any of this, leads to another very interesting question:

Where were all these wonderful folks – Muslim as well as non-Muslim – the night the Egyptian Military Junta was criminally kidnapping and, quite likely, torturing and murdering President Morsi?

 And what is that sticky wet red thing these folks are wiping off their hands?

Didn’t their grandmothers – whom they have sold so cheaply and publicly by betraying the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights in Egypt so blatantly – ever tell them that “Blood Will Out!”?

Especially innocent blood?


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