While We Await the Qur’an [Quote – 653]

Jan 17, 2016

In a sense, we are all waiting for the Qur’an. For the Qur’an to come into our lives. 

And into our world.

We want the Qur’an to be revealed to us, as it were. 

We want the Qur’an to change our lives and to change the world in which we live. To make it better in every conceivable way.

We want to be able to read the Qur’an: all the time — barring all the duties that lie on our shoulders. As parents; as spouses; as citizens; as members of civilized societies.

And we want to be able to understand the Qur’an: as much as we can — with all our limitations and inadequacies. 

And we want the Qur’an to talk to us — and to share its wonders with us.

While all this is going on — and while the best of us are in a waiting mode for the Qur’an to enter and take over our lives –we turn to all the substitutes God allows us to produce and use and share: all the books and all other things of that nature.

They are shadows and reflections of the Qur’an. And not the real thing. And we hope they will help us to get to the Qur’an; The Real Thing.

For, the Qur’an is Qur’an. And nothing takes its place.


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