Who Does Not Face Difficulties?
There Is Help Available!
From God Almighty Himself!
Each Is God Almighty’s Own Immortal Word!
Directly from the Qur’an! [Quote – 937]

Nov 19, 2018

First of all, here is the Protocol.

(A) Aayats below never fail. We know that for a fact. 

(B) And their acceptance from Allah is instantaneous.

(C) But when and how their effects will manifest themselves in our lives in this world, we do not know. 

(D) There is a Meticulous Divine Calculus according to which these things work. 

(E) For God Almighty, everything is NOW. For humans, it is a function of a billion variables, unfolding over generations.

(F) In my own life, I have seen  things take 20 years, and even more, to show up in a way I could read them and make sense of them from my own point of view.

(G) So, whoever you are, and wherever, read these Aayats. Read them now, and forever. And keep reading them all the time. Millions and billions of times.

(H) Like any medication, things build up inside you — in this case, in your soul, and, actually, in your body as well. And the effects are seen on the body.

(I) Learn each Aayat correctly.

(J) Read them, and there is not a difficulty that will not be resolved. 

God Willing, Inshallah, Bi-Idhnillah.

An now, here are those four Aayats.

(1) Fa-Inna Ma’al Usri, Yusran,
Inna Ma’al Usri Yusraa!

(2) Sa-Yaj’alullahu Ba’da Usrin, Yusraa!

(3) Annee Maghloobun, Fantasir.

(4) Laa Ilaaha Illaa Anta, Subhaanaka, Inee Kuntu Minaz-Zaalimeen!

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