Who Is in Charge?

Oct 16, 2012

Debate All You Want

Scholars – the Ulamaa’ – may debate all they want. And they – the Muftis among them – can issue all the opinions and Fatwas they wish.

I am only a fellow from the country. A villager you may say.

Or you may look at it somewhat differently and call me a “Baddoo.

Ummiy, Did You Say?

And if you did that, and if I had the nerve and the courage, I would say:

“Hey go right ahead and call me an ‘Ummiy’ if you want.”

“After all, what good is all my ‘higher’ university education and training if it does not take me to God and station me before him in lifelong slavery and servitude?”

But if you do call me that, an Ummiy I mean, I might then really pick up my courage in both hands and ask:

“You mean one of the primary addressees of the Noble Qur’an? As in Ba’atha Fil Ummiyyeena Rasoolan Minhum (62:2)?”

What a Rabb, What a Book!

Allahu Akbar, what a Rabb and what a Book – “The Book,” as the Qur’an calls itself.

In fact, That BookDhaalikal Kitaab, also as the Qur’an refers to itself.

Those who cannot read must read!

And he who cannot read must teach!

Trained by no one but his Master – God Almighty!

A Book Sent to Illiterates to Read

A book that was sent to the Illiterates of the World to read!

Did you ever hear of a book like that – “That Book” – Dhaalikal Kitaab?

And all you Miracle Mongers of the World: Have you ever seen or heard of a miracle bigger and more living and powerful than that?

And it is right there – in your own hands?

All you need to do is pick up a copy and read.

Taught by a Man Who Cannot Read

A Book sent to Those Who Cannot Read?

At the hands of A Man Who Cannot Read?

Eat your heart out, people.

This is a Miracle of all Miracles, right in your own hands, if only you had eyes to see, and the wisdom and humility to accept and the personal integrity to say so.

Who Is Running the World?

In any case, this is what I wanted to say, the Ulamaa’ – the scholars – can debate and discuss all they want.

I mean the question of who is in charge and who is running things in this world – and in our own lives – and to what extent.

What Does the Qur’an Say?

So far as a simple man like me is concerned, I just go by what the Qur’an says.

And the Qur’an says it all:

Fa’lam Annahoo Laa Ilaaha Illallah, Wastaghfir Lidhanbik wa Lil-Mu’mineena wal Mu’minaat, Wallahu Ya’lamu Mutaqwallabakum wa Mathwaakum (47:19).

Pick Up a Translation and Read Up

Pick up a convenient translation of the Qur’an and read up the meaning: 47:19.

Or read up the meaning of the meaning of the meaning of meaning – or some such stuff that some fancy people have lately gotten into the habit of saying.

What is it really they say? See, I don’t even know the stuff.

Playing Games with Allah’s Book

I generally go with Yusuf Ali, Allah bless him.

That man, again Allah bless him, was a scholar.

And he knew his English.

And that man did not play games with Allah’s book.

All you Color Coders of the Qur’an out there!

So, Who Do You Think Is Really In Charge?

So, who do you think is really in charge of this world, People?

And who do you think controls the timeline in your life?

Ever think about that?


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