Who Is Responsible for Islam? [Quote - 490]

Jan 29, 2014

Who is responsible for Islam?

To properly and correctly represent it to ourselves and to others?

Will we do to our children -- or to anyone else -- what we do to Islam?

Misspell their names? Give out wrong IDs for them? Enter their names wrong in school and college records?

But this is what we do to Islam. People who have no credentials or qualifications become authorities on the subject. And give out a picture of Islam that is often not true.

A picture that has only the most precarious basis in fact and reality.

Often just because there is name, fame and money in Islam.

Ulama used to say about people like that: Fa-Dalloo wa A-dalloo.

Meaning: They went wrong themselves. And they took everybody else with them.

It is like the Blind Leading the Blind!

Makes you want to cry. Why can't some of us leave Islam alone? And go find another way of making money or name or fame for ourselves?

As the Sahabah Kiram used to do? They did not ride Islam for personal and professional purposes of their own.

They gave Islam their all. Often, including their lives.

Why can't some of us leave Islam -- and Muslims -- alone and go find a job. And maybe have a life, as they say in America.


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