Who Is the Real Doer of Things:
You or God? [Quote - 645]

Jan 3, 2016

Sometimes, it is nothing but pure innocence. Call it naivete. 

Muslims -- many good Muslims among them -- talk in language that is dubious at best and that may be highly problematic on a number of fronts.

They will say things like this: 

I will make the effort, I will try -- I will do my best. 
After that, it is up to God. 
He will do what he wants!
For, he is the real doer!

Some of us may even add things -- qualifiers -- like "after all" and "real" and "Ultimate" and so on.

So, we say things like: 

"For, after all, God is the real doer!"


"For, after all, God is the real and ultimate doer of all things."

As if there are others in this world -- other than God -- who have any kind of power or means or resources or ability to do things -- to do anything.

People, most people, including Muslims and many good Muslims, speak this kind of language, not because they are evil or bad people, but because most of them simply don't understand.

And that is at least in part because many of them don't take the time and trouble to understand.

And "understanding" and "thinking" and "inquiring" and trying to figure out are things that God wants you to do.

For, that is Islam: thinking and trying to make sense of things!

These are things Allah expects from you.

And these are things that the Qur'an presses upon you -- 1400 years right here on this earth. 

Is that not time enough for us to pay attention to that message? 

And to the significance of that message to our Islam -- and to our life in general?


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