Who Is Using Us? [Quote – 785]

Jan 11, 2017

Question is not if we are being used, the question is Who Is Using Us: Allah or the Devil?

I am not denying the existence of Free Will in human life. In Islam, Free Will is a founding postulate. That means something that is taken for granted at the most basic level.

Everyone knows Islam is about submission. And those without Free Will do not “submit.” They just “succumb.”

They are designed to do what they end up doing: To say yes and do as told

They are nothing but robots and automatons, mere nodes — different points — on the cosmic Reflex Arc.

Saying “No” is not an option for them.

But still this is how Allah’s world works: You are being used. 

The only question is who is using you. 

a) Allah and those working for him? 

b) Or the Devil, Shaitan, and those working for him?

And as you live, you will know. But here is a clue. 

If you see yourself impelled, called upon and facilitated to do Good Things, you should know that Allah is the one using you.

Lammatun Minal Malaki!

That is how the Hadith puts it.

When that happens, you should immediately turn to Allah and ask him to fortify you further. You should become very, very careful you do not slip up and you do not become arrogant and conceited and smug.

There are all kinds of Du’as that can help you in this respect, including the following:

Allahumma Yaa Muqallibal Quloob … (Al-Hadith)

Allahumma Yaa Musarrifal Quloob … (Al-Hadith)

Rabbanaa Laa Tuzigh Quloobanaa … (Al-Aayah)

If, on the other hand, you find yourself pulled and propelled to do Bad Things, then you should realize that it is the Devil’s hand that is moving and using you.

You should then immediately check yourself and try to get back on track.

Again, there are all kinds of Du’as and Awuraad to help you. Not the least of which is Ta’awwuz — A’oozu Billahi …

And the two Mu’awwidhatayin

Qul A-oodu Bi-Rabbil Falaq

And Qul A-oodu Bi-Rabbin Naas. 

Constant vigilance is called for, because Shaitan is subtle and invisible. And he is patient and persistent in pursuing you.


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