Who Sets the Muslim Agenda? [Quote – 437]

Jun 3, 2013

No one asks this question, but we all should: Who sets the Muslim agenda?

That means who makes Muslims think, talk and act the way they do it? Who makes Muslims do the things they do?

In other words, who sets Muslim priorities for study, investigation, analysis, communication and action? 

People tell Muslims to jump. It is a typical American expression for asking someone to do their bidding.

And Muslims dutifully oblige. They jump.

Meaning: Muslims happily do whatever whoever asks them to do. Not for them to ask: Who wants us to do it?

And, certainly, not for them, as the poet said, to reason why? Theirs, often, again as the same poet said about the Charge of the Light Brigade, but to do and die.

That is how the Muslims are and that is how they do things. They often simply do and die without ever reasoning why.

But with me it is different. It has always been.

To me, it is always important to know why I should do whatever I am told or expected to do.

So, when someone asks or pressures me to say or do something, I almost always ask two questions:

Question One: Why should I do it?

Question Two: Who wants me to do it?

So far as Muslims are concerned, I submit here is a list of the Usual Suspects of the Great Whodunnit of the Muslim agenda:

  1. The media – mostly non-Muslim international newspapers; radio; television; the Internet; magazines; and anything and everything of that kind. They play a disproportionate role in setting the Muslims agenda.

    By and large, if the media cover it – whatever it is – sooner than later it ends up becoming part of the Muslim agenda.

  2. Anyone anywhere – people who desperately look around for topics for Muslim lectures, seminars and conferences, often without much serious rhyme or reason.

  3. Non-Muslim Think Tank experts in the so-called advanced or developed countries of the world – and their Muslim stooges and hireling inductees.

  4. Non-Muslim political activists and their Muslim surrogates.

  5. Non-Muslim religious propagandists and their Muslim mouthpieces and apologists.

  6. Corrupt Muslim governments – sadly, most Muslim governments are riddled by corruption – and their equally corrupt functionaries and sycophants on the one hand and their foreign masters, handlers and mentors on the other hand.

  7. Non-Muslim experts in Psychological Warfare (Psyops) and False Flag Operations.

And this list is by no means complete.


(Dr. Pasha)

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