Who Will Answer for the Words We Utter? [Quote - 767]

Dec 3, 2016

When Muslims meet, as they should, they talk. 

And they talk and talk and talk some more.

Little do they realize that they will answer to God Almighty for every word they utter.

And meetings are good. For meetings, done right, could be vehicles for debate and decision making. For civilized give and take.

Qur'an calls it Shura!

And then someone randomly says something. And we all follow the leader. 

It scares me no end that we will answer for every word we utter -- and fail to utter. Answer to God that is.

So, I suggest, we consider the following three things before and during every meeting:

One, what do we want to do, accomplish that is?

Two, how do we plan to do it -- using what tools, techniques and resources?

Three, why do we want to do it -- what are our motivations and our reasons for wanting to do it?

For, often, they are the difference, our reasons and intentions are, between Good and Bad

Between Right and Wrong

Between Ma'roof and Munkar.

Between Haqq and Baatil.

And between Islam and Kufr.

That is how serious some of these things are.


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