Who Worries about the Non-Muslims [Quote – 500]

Feb 12, 2014

Muslims are worried about Muslims. How to get them closer to God. And how to get them into Paradise.

And there are a million shaikhs and mowlanas and wannabes on their trail.

There is also money — and a career path? — in Muslims. But that is a different story.

You know “Halal” Meat and all that. As if the other meat is Haram!

But the question is: Who is worrying about non-Muslims? In any shape or form, as they say?

Except their God, of course, in the Qur’an.

Who among Muslims is concerned about taking the message of the Qur’an to the non-Muslims of the world: in America; in Japan; in China; in UK; in Europe — and everywhere else?

Who among Muslims is worried about giving the non-Muslims a chance, no matter how small and no matter how fleeting, of knowing God, of learning about God, of being able to hear the words of God, directly and without adulteration?

Who among Muslims wants to stand on a mountaintop and cry out, as the Qur’an does:

O, those who have wronged themselves!
Despair not of the Grace of God!
God forgives all sins and transgressions.
For, that is who God is.
He is the Most Most Loving, the Most Forgiving!

Who will ever go to the non-Muslims of the world and put these words of God — words of the Qur’an — in their ears?


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