Why Did www.IslamicSolutions.Com Crash? [Quote – 1086]

Apr 20, 2021

People should start thinking how and why www.Islamicsolutions.com crashed and then what happened. What consequences, if any, did its crashing produce?

And, also, while the Website was on and running, what use was it to anyone? What results, if any, did it lead to?

In Science, and in Business, this is called Evaluation.  

In Islam, it is called Muhaasabah.

And everywhere, all it means is coming to terms with what we set out to do, and how well we succeeded -- or failed -- in achieving what we said we were going to achieve.

To run a website like www.Islamicsolutions.com, and not to expect consequences is a bit naïve, don't you think? 

For, there are folks who are going to be more interested in us, and in our work, than we ourselves are.

Given all that the world is, and all that is happening in the world, should that be a surprise to us?

Especially, those of us who say we read the Qur'an?

Doesn't Allah say: 

Wa Makaroo Makran Kubbaaraa!


What all Conspiracies they hatched!


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