Why, Why, Why?
Lesson Number One in Islam [Quote – 1030]

Jul 4, 2020

Before, and as, we do anything, we must ask: Why? Why are we doing it?

We want to get a degree, but Why? We want to take a job, but Why? We want to travel, but Why?

We want to give a lecture, but Why? We want to buy a car or build a home, but Why?

If the answer to all these questions is not "Purely for the Sake of Allah," we are wallowing in something called Kufr.

And that means everything we do must dovetail into our larger commitment to do everything in our power to take the Qur'an to every home and heart that needs it.

And to make Truth and Universal Justice prevail everywhere on this earth.

And that is pretty much what is wrong with the world today: Motivations and Intentions.

In today's world, people mostly do things for the sake of name, fame, wealth, power, prestige and all kinds of variations thereof. And those are precisely the highways along which Shaitan and his hordes travel.

That is why Ibrahim, Alaihis Salam, declared that everything about him, and everything he does, would be for and about Almighty Allah and no one and nothing else will have a share in it.

Inna Salaatee,
wa Nusukee, 
wa Mahyaaya,
wa Mamaatee,
Lillaahi Rabbil Aalameen.

Laa Sharika Lahu.

Wa Bi-Dhaalika Umirtu.

Wa Ana Awwalul Muslimeen.

This is Lesson Number One in Islam.


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