Why Will Not the Muslims Ask Me? [Quote – 1074]

Dec 8, 2020

Why will not the Muslims ask me?

About the Architecture of the Aayaat of the Qur’an?

About the Miracles in every page, in every Aayat of the Qur’an?

For example, why will not the Muslims ask me:

About Aayaat Shifaa?

About Aayaat Kafaalah?

About Aayaat Kifaayah?

About Aayaat Wakaalah?

About Aayaat Tawakkul?

Just where does Muslim Time go? Just how do Muslims spend their 24 Hours every, day, that Allah gave them — free, and without even their asking?

And where do all their Energies and all their Efforts go?

Even assuming we are all Patchwork Muslims, desperately trying to graft a little bit of Deen (Next World) on a lot of Duniya (This World).

And trying to fix all we can of our Duniya (This World) using all we can of our Deen (Next World).

Muslims! Just where are you? And doing precisely what?


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