Why Wouldn’t The Muslims Talk to Me? [Quote – 1077]

Dec 9, 2020

Why will the Muslims not talk to me? I keep wondering all the time.

Especially, knowing as I do, Talking — in any form or shape, and on any useless topic — is the staple and the mainstay of much Muslim Life around the globe.

And Gossip, I know, is also a Cottage Industry among Muslims.

All kinds of Muslims — Good as well as Bad

So, why wouldn’t the Muslims talk to me then? And ask me about the Qur’an?

And about the Miracles and Wonders that the Qur’an Karim packs in every page, in every Aayat?

And why wouldn’t the Muslims ask me about:

  1. Aayaat Adl — Justice?
  1. Aayaat Qist — Justice?
  1. Aayaat Meezaan — Balance, Scale, Even-Handedness?
  1. Aayaat Sidq — Truth?
  1. Aayaat Zulm — Injustice, Oppression, Tyranny?

Don’t Muslims know that Qur’an came into this world to Establish Justice

And Truth?

And to End Tyranny and Oppression and Injustice?

Said Iqbal:

Sabaq Phir Padh Sadaaqat Kaa, 
Adaalat Kaa!

Go, Relearn the Lesson of Truth and Justice all over!”

And all the Ibaadaat, while important and obligatory in themselves, are instrumentations toward the larger goal of Creating a Just, Peaceful, Honest, Truthful, Safe World for All of Allah’s Creation?

And that was the Greatest and the Real Sunnat of Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam?

And of all the Anbiyaa’ Kiraam?

And that was the Primary Responsibility that was given to the Muslims?

And don’t Muslims know that Allah is ready to forgive People when people violate his own Rights and Dues — what people Owe Allah’s, that is?


But Allah will not forgive People when they violate Other People’s Rights and Dues?

Huqooqul Ibaad!

Meaning: Allah will forgive Huqooquallah.

But Allah will not forgive Huqooqul Ibaad.

That means all the wrongs and all the Zulm, and all the Injustices, and all the Oppression, people have committed on each other.

Still Muslims won’t talk to me? Why?

Allah bless Muslims!


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