Wielding Power on Earth: The Real Meaning of “Caliphate”

Feb 5, 2024

Wielding Power on Earth:
The Real Meaning of “Caliphate”

Dr. Pasha – Dec 13 2023

God Almighty has put his world in our hands, to do with it what we are supposed to. To do with it what God has told us to do. 

God Almighty has made us his Representatives on Earth.

And by “we” and “us,” I mean All Human Beings: Every Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Atheist
— Everybody!

We are all Allah’s Khalifahs on Allah’s Earth. 

That means we are all supposed to Wield Power on Earth strictly in accordance with Allah’s Command and Law, which is To Establish Justice on Earth — Without Fear of Favor.

Even if it be against ourselves!

This is the real meaning of Khilafat Fil Ard. What the Media distort into Caliphate, turning it into a joke and a dangerous thing.

The Qur’an tell us what it is we are supposed to do on earth, which is: To Establish Justice.

Two hundred or so years laterAmerica, as a Government, a State and a Nation, was also created for that purpose: To Establish Justice.

That was a direct implementation of the Divine Mandate of Justice by the People of America.

Mandate that was given to All Human Beings by God in the Qur’an. The Mandate of Establishing Justice on Earth.

Also, bear in mind, “People” (Annaas) was a concept that Qur’an popularized a full 1000 years before the American Revolution used that expression in 1776.

The Qur’an used the expression Annaas, which means People, hundreds of times before the American Revolution came about.

Sadly, the world does not know this; America does not know this; and Muslims do not know this. 

Who is supposed to tell or teach whom about this?

So, there is no one around who would tell anyone anything about this organic connection that exists between Islam and America. 

Despite all the bad blood, and bitter disappointment that may exist, right now, between the present American Government of Joe Biden, the present Congress, and the Muslims around the world, due to American Administration and Congress’s Abandonment of the Mandate of Justice, and their blind and misguided support of the merciless butchering of babies in Gaza, Palestine.

This is the lesson that both Muslims and America need to learn, once again: That they both were put on this earth by God Almighty To Establish Justice.

And that they both will be held accountable by God if they fail in their Mission to Establish Justice on Earth.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the Founders, said that he shuddered for his country, knowing and thinking that there was a Just God in Heaven

And that God’s Justice Does Not Sleep Forever.

Jefferson was right in one half of what he said: There indeed is a Just God in Heaven.

But Jefferson was wrong in the other half of what he said: God’s Justice Does Not Sleep Forever.

The fact is, as the Qur’an makes it clear, God Does Not Sleep — ever. 

Nor Does God’s Justice Sleep — ever.

Nor Does God Get Tired — ever.

As the Qur’an says: 

Laa Ta’khudhu-hoo Sinatun wa Laa Nawum!


God does not doze off.
Nor does God get tired or weary.
Nor does God ever go to sleep.

Frankly, why does anyone want a God that is not on the job 24-7? A God who gets tired and needs to rest and take a nap every so often?

What will we do with such a lazy and absentee God anyway? 

Jefferson’s wrong notion of God’s Justice Being Asleep came from Human Interpolations and Adulterations of Divine Scripture, such as the Bible.

Qur’an came into this world to correct such wrong ideas among human beings.

So, the real and correct notion of God is God as the Qur’an describes him: He is God who does not get weary, or tired; nor does he doze off or fall asleep.

Once again:

Laa Ta’khudhu-hoo Sinatun wa Laa Nawum!


God does not doze off.
Nor does God get tired or weary.
Nor does God ever go to sleep.

So, if America and Muslims are not held accountable for their failure to Establish Justice on Earth, it is not because God’s Justice Is Asleep, but because God is an Infinitely Patient and Tolerant God.

And he is a God who gives Human Beings, both Americans and Muslims, plenty of time, and ample opportunity, to awaken from their torpor and folly, and turn to him in repentance and remorse and contrition.

And God’s Reckoning Will Come, and it’s on the way, whether it is for America or for Muslims, sooner and surer than we all think, for their respective roles in Failing to Establish Justice on Earth.

Which was the very purpose of the creation of both of Muslims and America on God’s Earth.

But, in this Selfish, Greedy, Blind-Lead-Blind World, who is supposed to teach or tell whom?


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