Words Matter — Maybe!

Oct 21, 2017


Words Matter — Maybe!

Dr. Pasha

(Bringing Islam to the World One Concept at a Time!
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And which One Does Not?)

I am not issuing a Fatwa — even though Allah has blessed me with the credentials that qualify me to issue Fatwas if I need to.

So, this is not a Fatwa, but just an opinion. As if a Fatwa is anything other than — an opinion.

So, in my view, words matter. They have significance and, likely, they carry weight.

I am not talking about things worldly. For, from what you will call a worldly point of view, crying “Fire!” in a crowded theater may land you in jail. No question about that.

I am talking about your dealings with Allah — even though everything you do, no matter what, comes under the category of “dealing with Allah.”

And the reason I am saying this is as follows:

Let us train our tongues, and let us strain ourselves, to say the right things, as much as we can. 

And to say good things.

Many in the American Nation, sadly, have accustomed themselves to say bad things — not only about others, but also about themselves.

If “Damn You!” and “Damn This” and “Damn That” and “God Damn!” are part of daily American vocabulary, expressions like “Well, I Will Be Damned!” are not uncommon either.

No, I have not heard anyone take issue with these things. 

No, I was not thinking about Muslims. For, Muslims are, may Allah forgive me for saying this, more or less irrelevant to the running of Allah’s world, both in America and elsewhere.

Except maybe as a bonanza and a natural First Pick for turkey-shoot and target-practice purposes, no matter where you look around the world.

Much of it, of course, their own doing. 

And a living and continuing monument to the naivete, stupidity and corruption, and maybe sold-out nature, of at least part of such leadership as they may happen to have.

So, what I am saying is this: 

If you cannot do all kinds of big things, and good things, and right and great and amazing things, in this world, for Allah and for Allah’s Khalq or Creation, then at least train your tongue to form and to utter the right words and good words — and nice words.

Who knows where that will take you.

I have been waging a lifelong battle on that front. And I hope, maybe, some day, I will be able to at least speak the truth, and utter good words, and avoid bad ones, even if I am totally incapable of doing anything good or useful, or nice and right, in this world — For Allah or for his Creation.


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