Working for Allah Invitation [Quote - 989]

Feb 19, 2020

When inviting people to Allah, there are two things we need to remember:

1. We need to keep doing what we are doing until Kingdom Come as they say. And we should keep doing this regardless of whether or not our efforts produce "Success" in a worldly sense. And that means people accepting our call and coming to us.

We should change our plans only in consultation with our leadership and with the Jama'at.

2. We need to inculcate in every person we talk to the understanding that, as we are inviting them to Allah, so also everyone of them, in turn, should invite others to Allah. Each one of our invitees should, at their own initiative, invite others to come to our program, and to become part of Working for Allah, as we call it. 

That is how this work is supposed to proceed and grow until we succeed in Taking the Qur'an to Every Home and Heart that Needs It -- and Which One Does Not?


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