Working for Allah Is Everybody's Duty -- First, Last and Middle! [Quote - 643]

Dec 24, 2015

Those Working for Allah everywhere -- including the Caribbean -- a simple question: Why does someone special have to come from somewhere and rescue you? 

Why can't you do on your own what is clearly your duty?

Allah bless those special people who come to your rescue -- every time. No matter how busy they are. And no matter, as they say, how much they have on their plates.

And Allah bless you too. Such as you are!

And Allah bless all of us. Such as all of us are.

For, he can. And does.

For, he is Ghafoor and he his Raheem. Which no one else is or can be.

But a clear warning to those Working for Allah all over the world -- not the least in the Caribbean region, where this work in a sense first started and flourished -- Alhamdulillah!

Don't "Orphanize" Islam: Don't treat Islam like an orphan. The outcome will not be good. 

You will not like it.

So, get up Workers for Allah in the Caribbean, and elsewhere, and dust up, and get to work. 

And in every situation, do what you must do without this or that special person rattling your cage and yanking your chain.


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