Working for Allah:
Paucity in the midst of Plenty [Quote - 844]

Jul 25, 2017

I never questioned anything Allah does. I don't think so. 

But, from time to time, the thought does cross my mind how Allah Almighty -- Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala -- seems to make one Umar or Abu Bakr or Ali or Umar bin Abdul Aziz (Radiyallahu Anhum Ajma'een) in the midst of all the hundreds of millions of the rest of us.

Especially in these latter times:

Wa Qaleelun Minal Aakhireen!

Not that the talent and potential is not there.

Or even the training and skills are missing.

It is just that all those things are mobilized in the advancement of the causes and issues set up for us by Shayaateenil Jinni Wal Insi.

(1) Devils from the Jinn Species.

(2) And Devils in human shape.

That is right. Don't miss this one: 

There are actual devils that come to you in the shape of humans.

Including the serving and protecting of the most narrowly -- and often wrongly -- defined Self-Interest.

Wa Hum Yahsiboona Annahum Yuhsinoona Sun'aa.

"And all the time they think what a great job they are doing!"

The fact is, it is actually Shaitan that decks up and decorates and paints in the most beautiful colors their actions for them:

Wa Zayyana Lahumush Shaitanu A'maalahum.

If we held this Aayat Karimah in front of us like a mirror, we will all see our faces in it.


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