World and Maker of World [Quote – 431]

May 24, 2013

The saddest thing about human life – and about this world – is how this world sees the world and misses the maker of the world.

How it seeks and pursues the world and ignores the maker and master of the world.

How it displeases the master, maker and owner of the world to please his sundry slaves in the world.

How it is attracted by the luster of the objects in the world – wine, women, wealth, power and such – and seems impervious to the beauty, power, majesty and glory of its maker and master.

How the world, then, falls in love with them all and fails to behold the effulgence of the master’s face that lights up heaven and earth, and dispels all shades and types of darkness – and never thinks about loving him.

Or about earning and meriting his love and pursuing it in one way or another.

Nothing is sadder or more tragic in this world than that.

And nothing – really – is more foolish or dysfunctional.

But this is true of only the human side of this world. The non-humans are different – very different.

They – the non-humans – are not a part of this mess that is entirely of human making.

They – the non-humans – know their place in the world and they know their business and how to go about it.

And, unlike humans, they have no identity issues or personality crises, as they have been programmed and harnessed by their maker to go about their duties in a most meticulous manner.

And they – the non-humans – notice and bear witness to this human folly – and failure. And they marvel at this persistent and near-universal human foolishness, failure and tragedy of missing the maker for the objects he makes and say:

Lord, how utterly and incomprehensibly foolish these human mortals could be! 


(Dr. Pasha)

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