World Day of Fasting

Jun 9, 2016

Let Leadership Everywhere Issue a Common Call

Let leadership – political, religious and all other kinds and forms of leadership – in all parts of the world, issue a call to its following everywhere to join this great march of humanity toward a common cause in the relentless pursuit of common human good: sharing the common and shared experience of fasting together.

Therefore, let leadership everywhere issue a common call for a common World Day of Fasting in this Ramadan 1429 coinciding with 27th of September, 2008.

And let everyone everywhere join this united human caravan of people from different religious and cultural traditions fasting and moving together to a more joyous state of living.

In the meantime, leadership around the world – religious, political, governmental, organizational, United Nations – support our call by issuing a proclamation identifying September 27, 2008 as World Day of Fasting.

But if for some reason some of us cannot do it on that day, let us do it on some other day. Let us do it how best we can. But let us do it. For, that is what Islam is all about: doing things however best we can.

Doing the Best You Can: That Is the Islamic Way

The Islamic way of doing things is doing them how best we can. In fact, that is what Islam is in a nutshell.

“What a Deen!” I keep telling myself. “What a way of life! What a way of doing things! Just do the best you can and leave the rest to God.”

How can we devise a better method? Compared to what God has given us: the method of telling everyone with regard to everything to do the best they can and then leave it at that.

Hear the inimitable Qur’an say it in its most simple and clear manner: Fattaqullaha masta-ta’tum.


“Fear Allah however much you can.” And, perhaps, in all the ways you can.

That means fear, love and obey God Almighty all you can and, of course, to the extent you can and in ways you can. That means bend every fiber of your body, mind and soul and spend every ounce of your energy and resources in doing that.

But, all of it, to the extent and how best you can, because, that is all you can do as a human being. That is how far your powers will carry you. And those are the abilities – and education and skills and resources – with which God has endowed you.

And alerting them, at the same time, not to forget that the eyes of the whole world, and of God Almighty himself, are on them as they act and as they go about doing what they must do.

That means they are not just on candid camera, they are on the divine radar.

Once again, listen to the Qur’an address this issue in its own words that God preserved for us in their original purity and integrity all these 1400 years:

Quli’amaloo fa-sa-yarallahu 'amalakum wa rasooluhu wal mu’minoon.


Say to them, go and do what you must. Surely God and his blessed messenger, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and the believers all will watch you keenly.

So, everyone, everywhere: “Forward March, United Children of God! United Faiths of the World! On to the World Day of Fasting! On to a Common Culture of Hope for Humanity!”

World Day of Fasting 2008: Ramadan 1429 - The How-To Part

But the question is: How do we do it?

Muslims generally know these things – the routine procedures of fasting I mean – because fasting during the month of Ramadan has been so much a part of their culture and tradition for so long. And starting right at childhood.

But how about non-Muslims – close to 5,000,000,000 of them that we are inviting to come and join their 1,500,000,000 Muslim compatriots of the world in fasting together on this 2008 World Day of Fasting, coinciding with 1429 Ramadan? What are they supposed to do? And how are they supposed to do it?

Here are some ideas to help the non-Muslims of the world on how best they could go about observing the World Day of Fasting.

So, let us start out by posting here the flyer we created for the occasion. I shall then follow that up with some comments and specific pointers.

The Flyer

In the name of God, the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful!

People Cooperating for a Common Culture!

World Day of Fasting 2008

Saturday, September 27, 2008/Ramadan 27, 1429





As you know, ninth years ago Dr. Pasha issued a call to the whole world to observe the WORLD DAY OF FASTING.

We invite you to heed Dr. Pasha's call and help us make it a truly world wide event. In this regard, we suggest you observe the WORLD DAY OF FASTING in your community on September 27th 2008.

“Come, let us join hands and see what we have in common,” says the Qur’an.

Read-the-Qur’an Committee & Dr. Pasha's Center for Culture & Community Service invite the world’s 5,000,000,000 plus non-Muslim men and women of all faiths, nationalities, cultures and races to join their 1,500,000,000 Muslim brothers and sisters around the world in a World Day of Fasting on Saturday, September 27, 2008/Ramadan 27, 1429.

Here is how:

  1. Wake up a couple of hours before sunrise.
  2. Bathe, shower or wash up.
  3. Have a hearty breakfast. Stop eating at least an hour before sunrise.
  4. Make the intention to fast and that you were doing it purely for God and for no one else.
  5. Eat and drink nothing the entire day – till you break your fast at sunset.
  6. But if you feel ill or overly weak in any way, break the fast immediately.
  7. Watch your blood pressure and other vital signs as you need to. For, Islam is all about being safe and healthy.
  8. Stay away from all things you know to be bad.
  9. Try to do whatever you believe to be good.
  10. Be extra nice, sweet, loving, generous, kind and compassionate to your family.
  11. And to your friends and neighbors.
  12. And to everyone else whether you know them or not.
  13. Stay away from alcohol the whole day.
  14. Stay away from smoking the whole day.
  15. Stay away from sex with your spouse (I am saying spouse because sex outside marriage is an absolute no-no in Islam) during the fast – from before dawn to sunset. After sunset, you can be intimate with your wife or husband again.
  16. Promptly at sunset break the fast, preferably by eating one or three or five dates. But if you don’t have dates, just drink some water and give some time before you launch full-force into the feast on the table.
  17. Worship God Almighty for about 30 minutes – don’t think of anyone or anything, but only and purely of God Almighty, the one and only.
  18. Have a light supper. Eat and drink in moderation. Do so always, for, it is good for you. And moderation is what Islam is all about.
  19. Pray to God Almighty to bless you and your family and friends.
  20. And your neighborhood, community, society and the whole world.

Let us all come together to celebrate World Day of Fasting 2008! Ramadan

Let us create a new common culture of peace, love and hope for humanity!

 End of Flyer

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