I have seen these past several decades, people embracing Islam, both in the US as well as the UK. They are men as well as women. And many of them are smart, talented and interesting people.

And what is the first thing many of them seem to do? Hit the Muslim lecture circuit. And, of course, Muslims lap them up as emblematic of the Second Coming of their Religion Islam.

These converts then evolve into some kind of Islamic leaders and Sheikhs, and Muslim conference staples, feeding Muslims a steady diet of their understanding of Islam.

The results, at least in some cases, have been disastrous. […]

Many of those who say they work for Allah, sometimes – or should I say often? – they forget one important detail about life: They forget that they should learn to put God above self.

As a result, many of them are too often too preoccupied with themselves: what they need; what they would like; what is remiss with their lives; and all the wrongs the world is doing to them, including many of their own fellow-workers for Allah.

They forget that putting God before Self is putting God’s Messenger and God’s book, and the teachings of God’s Messenger, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, above oneself and above one’s own needs, desires and preferences.

And all that also means putting the best interests of God’s creation above their own narrow and selfish personal interests and needs and wants. […]

Those Working for Allah must know this simple – and self-evident – fact. For, it is an axiom of Working for the Creator of the Worlds.

They should know that at all times they are in the safe, secure and unfailing hands of their maker and master, their true employer, God Almighty.

As a result, they should not become overly upset or despondent if at any given time or in any given place things don’t seem to go their way. […]

Muslims are God’s people on earth. And there are expectations that are associated with that exalted position.

Expectations that humanity has from Muslims.

Expectations that all of Allah’s creation has from Muslims.

And, more than anything or anyone else, expectations that God Almighty has from Muslims.

And, also, expectations that we all must have from each other – as Muslims; and as civilized people on earth.

Therefore, if we are Muslims in the truest sense of that expression, here is what we must expect from us – each one of us, from each and every one of us.[…]

Beyond all propaganda and lies that are let loose against Islam and Muslims by all and sundry, here is a bit of clarification on what it means to be Working for Allah, a concept that is at the core of being a Muslim.

Not just in a vague, theoretical sense, but in a very concrete and practical sense that must necessarily translate into precise everyday behavior on the part of those who believe in it.

From this point of view, Working for Allah means working for the betterment of the state of humanity on earth, without distinction of race, religion, gender, nationality or class in every worldly and other-worldly sense. […]

Allah created us human beings for one reason: to work for him.

There are no ifs or buts about it: that is the plain truth.

The problem is some of us know this fact and many or most of us don’t.

As a result, some of us work for Allah, many or most of us don’t. Most of us work for whomever we think we must work for.

So, it becomes the responsibility of those who know this fact to share it with those who don’t know it.

In the same way, it is the responsibility of those who work for Allah to persuade all others to work for him.

In many ways, Muslims are the ones who are supposed to know this fact – the fact that Allah created us to work for him. […]

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