Your Destiny Is Right around Your Neck! [Quote - 973]

Jan 15, 2020

It is amazing how Allah runs his world. Everything so right, so fair, so perfect, just as it should be.

On the one hand, Allah puts on each one of us the responsibility of inviting everybody in the world to Allah and his Deen

"Do Your Best!" is the message from Allah to all of us, "Go get it done!"

But, on the other hand, the responsibility for results and outcomes is not placed on our shoulders. Allah keeps that in his own hands. 

But at the same time, Allah also takes that responsibility and places it squarely on those to whom the Message is given. It is their job to respond to the message.

Allah says he hangs everyone's Destiny right around their neck.

Wa Kulla Insaanin Alzamnaahu Taa-irahu Fi Unuqihi.

I just do not understand how this message could be clearer, stronger or more stark. Can you believe that? 

I just cannot get my head around this Aayat

Just like I cannot get my head around anything that Allah says or does.

So, Allah says:

Fa-Innamaa Alaikal Balaagh,
wa Alainal Hisaab.


"You just go deliver the message,
And leave the accounting completely to us."

Frankly, I find this Aayat Karimah one of the most sobering, if not frightening, in all of the Qur'an.

The moment a message is delivered to you, you become directly accountable before God? Makes your hair stand on end.


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