MASSACRES - Hazards of Being a Minority in Modern India


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Ongoing Kashmir Genocide: Six Months of Hell on Earth!

For the past over six months, Indian Government’s Ongoing Genocide of eight million Kashmir Muslims is playing out right before everybody’s eyes. The world has never seen anything like this before. Nearly, a million-strong Indian military has turned the lush Kashmir Valley into a Concentration Camp. While this genocide is unfolding in slow motion, the world is watching in stupefaction. Muslims of the world are watching. Western Powers are watching. Most of World Media, too, are watching. Just as everybody did when Hitler and the Nazis annexed Czechoslovakia and turned Germany into a boiling cauldron of racial hate and horror. But soon the world paid a horrible price for its culpable silence and cowardly inaction. Eventual toll was nearly 100 million human lives.

But Germany was not a nuclear power then. And today’s India, taken over by a gang of Fascist hate-mongers, is. And so is neighboring Pakistan, which is eyeball-to-eyeball with India on India’s illegal annexation of Kashmir and Genocide of Kashmir Muslims. If, God Forbid, either one of these two nuclear-armed nations commits a nuclear error or misadventure of any kind, the rest of the world will be walking around in bandages for decades to come. 

Silence and inaction in the face of ongoing genocide of eight million Muslims in Kashmir bodes clear culpability on the part of so-called Muslim Governments, Western Powers, the United Nations and World Media.

Dr. Pasha
February 14, 2020


Hazards of Being a Minority in Modern India

Dr. Syed Husain Pasha

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Communication, Prejudice and Crime >>>
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Chapter 1 - A Massacre by Any Other Name >>>

Chapter 2 - That which We Call a Riot: What Is in A Word? >>>

Chapter 3 - If this Is a Riot, What Then Is a Massacre, a Pogrom or a Crime Against Humanity? >>>

Chapter 4 - What the Misuse Does >>>

Chapter 5 - What Communication Covers Up >>>

Chapter 6 - Anatomy of A Communal Riot in India >>>

Chapter 7 - How it Really Happens – What Some So Callously Call A Communal Riot >>>

Chapter 8 - Role of the Indian Police and Bureaucracy >>>

Chapter 9 - How Long the Carnage Lasts >>>

Chapter 10 - Police return to the Scene of the Massacres >>>

Chapter 11 - How the Story Repeats Itself >>>

Chapter 12 - The Name Does Not Matter >>>

Chapter 13 - What Matters Most >>>

Chapter 14 - As the World Looks On >>>

Chapter 15 - When Silence Reigns >>>

Chapter 16 - A Human Pathology Called Denial >>>

Chapter 17 - Victim Blame: Yet Another Social Pathology >>>

Chapter 18 - Then Come the Experts >>>

Chapter 19 - One Victim Too Many >>>

Chapter 20 - Communication: Teaching Hate and Covering up Crime >>>

Chapter 21 - If This Is A Riot... >>>


Babri Mosque (1529-1992)

In the year 1528, the first Mughal Emperor Babur constructed a grand mosque in a part of North India called Ayodhya that came to be known as Babri Masjid, meaning a mosque built by Babur. Muslims continuously worshiped in that mosque for hundreds of years. Later on, some militant Hindu Supremacist Fascist Organizations claimed the site of the mosque was actually the Birthplace of the Hindu god Ram, a claim that led to anti-Muslim riots in many parts of India. The courts intervened and stopped Muslims from worshiping in the Babri Mosque. In 1992, a Fascist Hindu Supremacist Mob with ideological affinity to the Fascist Anti-Muslim Organization Rashtrya Swayam Sevak Sangh (RSS) attacked the Babri Mosque and demolished it. Muslims sought legal redress. In 2019, India's Supreme Court issued two rulings that appeared to contradict each other. On the one hand, it ruled that the mosque site should be handed over to the Hindus for the construction of a Ram Temple. On the other hand, it held that the Fascist Hindu Supremacist Thugs that attacked and demolished the mosque committed a criminal act. This was a sad and colossal cave-in on the part of India's once-proud justice system to the present Fascist BJP Indian Government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Police Minister Amit Shah


At the Most Blessed Feet of
Sayyidina Muhammad, Rasulullah,
Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam!

This truly humble apology-of-a-book, fruit on-and-off of nearly 30 years of work,
which is neither fully poetry, nor fully prose,
is left at the Most Blessed Feet of Sayyidina Muhammad, Rasulullah, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam,
hoping for a Glance of Rahmah and Karam from him,
For, he is Rahmatul Lil-Aalameen, and he is
Akramul-Khalqi Ajma'een,
And from his Rabb who is Rahman and Rahim
and Rabbul Aalameen,
with the Greeting, As-Salaatu Was-Salaamu
Alaika Ya Sayyidi, Ya Rasulallah,
the way Busiri's Qasidah Burdah was in the
13th Century of the Christian Era, in a dream, and the way the Qasidah Baanat Su'adu was, in person,
by Ka'b, son of Zuhair, over 1400 years ago, during the
Lifetime of Sayyidina Muhammad, Rasulullah,
Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam,
at Yathrib, the City of the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam!

As-Salaamu Alaika Ayyuhan-Nabiyyu,
Wa Rahmatullahi,
Wa Barakaatuhu!

As-Salaamu Alainaa,

Wa Ala Ibaadillahis-Saaliheen!



Dr. Pasha's Latest Book:

You can call Massacres: Hazards of Being a Minority in Modern India Dr. Pasha's latest book. But it is not really. It may even be his first -- and oldest -- book.

The Massacres book has been in the making for nearly half a century before Dr. Pasha finally stopped tinkering with it and gave his consent to go to print with it. 

The Massacres book is not like most other books you may have read, or even like any other book that Dr. Pasha may have written.

The book is almost a live, blow-by-blow chronicling of the gruesome reality of the Genocide of Indian Muslims that has been ongoing in India for over 75 years. 

Call the book Massacres a verbal videography of the repetitive massacres, and the most perverse pogroms, perpetrated on Indian Muslims in state after state and in city after city of India during and after independence.

One striking feature of the book is that it is written, throughout, without rancor or malice or hate. The tone of the book throughout is soft, sensible and moderate, considering the gruesome and diabolical nature of the reality that the book covers. 

And the overall approach of the book is not only conciliatory but also positive, pointing out how the Indian Outrages and Atrocities against Muslims, no matter how terrible, despicable and disgusting, can still be viewed in the context of the larger and fundamental human propensity to violence, oppression and injustice.

For, the true and lasting solution to all violence, no matter how brutal or cruel, and to all forms of oppression and injustice, no matter how sweeping or blatant, is one and the same. 

It is precisely what Islam advocates, and it is what Islam is really all about. 

And the essence of that approach is unvarnished truth at all times and unconditional and transparent justice for all, friends and foes, strangers and relatives.

It was this, the manifest Muslim character of overpowering honesty and integrity, fairness and justice, and not the so-called Sword of the Muslims, that really conquered the entire world for Islam. 

And that is also how Islam took hold of the Indian subcontinent, going back all the way to the Seventh Century of the Christian Era

To the best of our knowledge, there is no other book like Massacres: Hazards of Being a Minority in Modern India by Dr. Pasha. Read on and reflect!

Editorial Board
Dr. Pasha’s Centre for Culture and Community Service



To victims of prejudice everywhere - regardless of creed, color, national origin, gender or any other marker of difference or presumed deficit or inferiority - temporary or permanent, natural or artificially constructed.

Victims of human beings' inhumanity to humans! May your suffering bring a shred of shame to humans!

If not to the point of contrition, redemption and atonement for the past, and of renouncing all injustice, cruelty and inhumanity in the future, at least to a point where they would feel compelled to communicate the truth of your suffering and pain in a clear, forceful and timely manner.


Communication, Prejudice and Crime

What follows are some reflections on how communication creates prejudice; how prejudice spawns violence; how violence creates innocent victims; and how, then, communication rationalizes, euphemizes and covers up crime; consoles perpetrators; and consolidates intergroup domination and subordination structures - resulting, ultimately, in a life of privilege and perquisites for some and of misery and deprivation for others, including loss of life and liberty.

Results include social, economic and cultural transformation for entire populations and pathological violence and near-genocidal conditions imposed on large subgroups.

Repetitive massacres of the Muslim minority in India over the past half century illustrate this fact as clearly as any other similar set of events in human history. For example, the Nazi atrocities against Jews, the massacre of the Tutsis by the Hutus in Africa and the genocidal ethnic cleansing of Bosnian Muslims by Serbs in former Yugoslavia.


Author's Note

Using a personalized, staccato and reflective style, The Massacres seeks to provide clearer understanding of the repetitive massacres of Muslims in India that pass by the euphemism of communal riots.

In following this method, the book seeks to capture not merely the impersonal reality of these repetitive massacres and pogroms - the so-called riots - but also their intensely human and personal dimension.

It then takes this issue beyond the Indian Muslim context and frames it in broader human terms. This provides an illustration of the author's theory that being human can be a fairly dangerous enterprise. It can be quite hazardous to one's health.

How else can we explain centuries of pogroms against Jews in Europe? Or the horrors that the Germans perpetrated on them and others during World War II?

Or the merciless murders, evictions, land confiscations and home demolitions that the state of Israel is visiting upon generation after generation of Palestinians, reducing them to a life of perpetual terror and slavery in concentration camps on their own native soil?

Or what the Hutus in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and Congo did to their fellow-African black Tutsis, not so long ago?

Or what the Serbs in former Yugoslavia did to their fellow-Yugoslavian Croats and Bosnian Muslims?

Or what many European nations did earlier - for centuries - getting rich by trading in African slaves - when generations of slaves were subjected to some of the worst atrocities known to humans, and when the average working life of a mine slave is reported to be seven years?

Or what we in the Americas did to the nations and peoples who populated this beautiful land in their teeming millions - and to their cultures and languages - not knowing to this day by what name even to call them?

How else do we explain these and many other equally diabolical deeds of our fellow-humans throughout history if not by saying that being human is a fairly hazardous enterprise, not only to humans but also to the rest of planet earth - to its environment and multitudes of inhabitants.

The object is not to dismiss human cruelty and savagery lightly, whether in India or elsewhere, as part of a universal human condition - as part of what people call human nature - but to come to terms with the hazards of being human and to press into service the other powerful human characteristic - communication - to combat and reduce human errancy and diabolicity and make this world a more just, fair, equitable, kind, caring and compassionate place for all.

As humans, with a limited time span on this earth, what other choice do we have?

And does it matter whether we use exclusive academic idiom to explicate and articulate this construct - and painstakingly document these occurrences - or resort, as does this book, to broken and staccato bursts of anguished speech, that is neither prose nor poetry, but which, nevertheless, is an attempt to capture not just the reality and range of these horrors, but also the reality and depth of the pain that they cause - a pain that often defies our powers and skills to communicate; a pain that damages, mutilates and haunts the psyche of the survivors for decades?

It is hoped that this publication would put in proper perspective the repetitive massacres of Muslims in India - what even the bemused Indian Muslims simply refer to as communal riots. Hopefully, it will also bring greater clarity, awareness and sensitivity in a world increasingly troubled by cultural confusion and strife.

It is quite evident that while area after area, people after people, nation after nation and culture after culture, is damaged and devastated by prejudice, and resultant violence and atrocities, communication plays a powerful role in the service of prejudice either as a seemingly helpless bystander or as a willing and potent accomplice and co-conspirator and accessory. Whether this book will deter would-be perpetrators from future violence and prejudice, we can only hope.

The book would serve a useful purpose if it has a cathartic and therapeutic effect on the survivors of these pogroms and their relatives, friends and fellow-religionists, -ethnics and -nationals - Muslims, Dalits, Hindus, Jews, Christians, Palestinians, Israelis. Arabs, Tutsis and others. And if it contributes to the easing of the psychological pain and damage, so common among survivors of violence around the world - not the least the Muslims of India, both at home and abroad.

The book is written without malice or hate - or, surprisingly, even anger - toward any individual, group, society, nation, country or culture - certainly not against the Hindu community either in India or abroad. Nor should it be construed as an attempt to insult or attack or ruin the reputation of India - a matter on which the people of India are always so extremely sensitive.

What the book really does is proceed from the assumption that the best way to serve any individual, group, community, nation, society, cause, culture or country is to speak the truth and let facts speak for themselves. On that score I am quite satisfied that even though the book is highly impressionistic, its basic premises and facts are horrifyingly true - only too horrifyingly true.

However, the responsibility for the views and ideas expressed in this book is limited to the author, and he purports to represent or speak for no individual, organization, association, institution, country, society, culture, civilization or people.

Syed Pasha
April 2003



After more than four decades of silent suffering, here is an attempt to give voice to the crushing pain that fills the hearts of Indian Muslims - and other minorities - everywhere. That unspeakable pain is over the repetitive massacres of Muslims in India that pass under the sordid, cold and heartless euphemism of communal riots.

There have been hundreds of such anti-Muslim riots or pogroms in India during the past half-century - since the British partitioned the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan in 1947 at the end of their colonial occupation.

Ever since, these so-called riots have claimed millions of lives - mostly Muslim lives - and perpetrated unspeakable horrors on India's Muslim minority.

They have also taken human degeneracy and propensity to sadistic and depraved violence, including sexual torture, gang rapes and burning alive of victims, to an unprecedented level.

Treatment of this subject in the book attempts to clearly identify the victims and the perpetrators of these massacres that everyone either foolishly or knowingly refers to as communal riots.

It also seeks to spotlight the role of the Indian government, the bureaucracy, the press and the police in these massacres.

At the same time, it also tries to make plain the gruesome, barbaric and horrendous nature of these anti-Muslim pogroms that come perilously close to genocide.

Hopefully, this book will serve some useful purposes. Among them the following:

  1. Help soothe the aching hearts of Indian Muslims everywhere.
  2. Have a therapeutic and cathartic effect on other similarly targeted and persecuted minority groups everywhere - Muslim, Dalit, Palestinian, Chechen, Christian or otherwise.
  3. Familiarize Muslims outside India with the true story of the repetitive massacres of Muslims in India.
  4. Make Muslims in the United States, U.K., Canada, Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world realize that while they may have made a great deal of fuss and raised funds and support for various Muslim causes and issues around the world, they have all betrayed Islam and Muslim fellowship and brotherhood by turning their backs on the ongoing massacre of Indian Muslims.
  5. Make Muslims of Indo-Pak-Bangla origin everywhere realize that when it comes to tackling the ongoing genocide of Indian Muslims, they have all sold out... they have put it on the back burner and allowed it to go on without doing anything serious or systematic to stop it while they pursued other pet projects of their own choice and preference.
  6. Inform non-Muslims outside of India about the systematic and near-genocidal killing of Muslims of India.
  7. Create a greater awareness and sense of responsibility about these crimes-against-humanity in the West and in the rest of the civilized world.
  8. Encourage the broader, mainstream Hindu community in India - and overseas - to come to grips with truth about these horrors and take steps that would help to end them.
  9. Make the government of India feel the urgency to put a stop to these crimes against humanity, punish the perpetrators, compensate the victims and provide adequate safeguards for the future.
  10. Encourage those who have their hands on the levers of communication power - whether in the media, public or private agencies, universities and cultural institutions, religious and other groups - to wake up to the enormous responsibility of using that power to speak the truth and defend human rights that goes along with the privilege of having the ability, training, skills, resources - and access - to communicate.
  11. Reveal to the civilized world the true face of rising fascism and fanaticism in broad sections of the majority Hindu community in India that systematically targets and massacres minority populations like Muslims, Dalits and Christians.
  12. Make world press, human rights advocates and organizations and holders of political, economic and cultural power and resources around the world aware of the fact that they have an ongoing attempted genocide on their hands for the past half century and make them see that their silence and inaction, even at this late hour, is tantamount to tacit endorsement of it if not actual complicity in it.
  13. Make everyone everywhere realize that while everything everyone is doing to raise awareness and provide relief is most vital and important, nothing really is as pressing or important as focusing on the immediate and total cessation of these horrendous ongoing crimes against humanity; that the world has few items on its agenda more urgent or serious than this one; and that if we either cold-shoulder or soft-pedal it or pussyfoot around it, we will all stand indicted before God, history and our own conscience as accomplices in one of history's worst genocides and sagas of sustained ethnic cleansing.


Chapter 1
A Massacre by Any Other Name

Riot is a four-letter word.

And when it is used to characterize the organized and repetitive massacres of Muslims in India by battalions of fanatical Hindu mobs, that word is just about as obscene as any other word in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Therefore, when using the word riot to describe the massacre of Indian Muslims, some questions any intelligent human being needs to ask are these:

If this is a riot, what then is a massacre?

A pogrom?

A holocaust?

A genocide?

A crime against humanity?


What were the Nuremberg trials of Nazi criminals all about?

At the end of World War II?


Chapter 2
That which We Call a Riot:
What Is in A Word?

Some call it a communal riot.

Some call it communal violence.

Some even call it communal conflict.

Yet, there is nothing communal, kind, gentle or genial about the so-called communal riots in India.

In reality, it is a sordid euphemism. A trick-term for the carefully planned and meticulously carried out mass killings of India's minority Muslims by sections of India's majority Hindus.

And by their minions, patrons, protectors and representatives in the government.

At the same time, it is also an effective communication device for killing facts, covering up truth and softening the impact of these massacres on human conscience.

By those in the communication business in its myriad forms and countless branches.

Those with their hands on the levers of communication power - in the press, public offices and cultural institutions.

Those that are in the business of managing people's minds and opinions - either for profit or for purposes of public good.

Whether in the government, in the media or in the universities and other elite circles.

Both in India and elsewhere.

Much like that other dirty expression, Ethnic Cleansing, that was coined and marketed to cover up and euphemize the genocide of Muslims of Bosnia at the hands of the Christian Serbs of former Yugoslavia, while the United Nations stood around and watched.

It is a case of how communication, whether in the form of speech or silence, words or images, is used to create prejudice and cover up crime - even a crime against humanity.

Prejudice that over time, and through careful nurturing and fanning of its flames, matures into hate - at times, pathological hate.

Hate that eventually leads to the crime of massacres of entire groups of people and the perpetration of some of the most unspeakable atrocities on them.

Therefore, a parrot-like repetition of the word riot to describe the organized massacres of Muslims of India by Hindus is misleading, mischievous and callous.

In fact, it is vile, wicked and egregiously scurrilous - just like ethnic cleansing.

At best, it is a misnomer, a travesty, a misrepresentation of facts and truth.

At worst, it serves to whitewash, cover up and mitigate the repetitive, merciless, cold-blooded, barbaric, pre-planned, organized, and at times state-condoned if not state-aided-and-perpetrated pogroms against the Muslim minority in post-independence India.


Chapter 3
If this Is a Riot, What Then Is a
Massacre, a Pogrom or a Crime
Against Humanity?

Historically speaking, the expression riots is a vestige of British colonialism in India.

In those days, the British administrators and law enforcement agencies used it to characterize instances of arson and violence by groups of Hindus and Muslims against each other that resulted in mutual death and destruction for both sides.

But when the British ruled India, the two factions, Hindu and Muslim, had a certain level of parity in some respects, and the government machinery was to some degree non-partisan as well as efficient.

As a result, when Hindus and Muslims clashed, and a so-called riot broke out, both parties suffered more or less comparable losses.

And a fairly efficient and neutral police force soon brought the situation under control.

Thus, there was a certain macabre balance, symmetry or reciprocity of terror, death, destruction and damage between the two warring communities, with the colonial British administration trying to hold the scales of justice more or less evenly.

All this changed with India's independence from the British.

Now these outbreaks of violence were no longer riots in the old sense of the British days. They now increasingly took the form of systematic, one-sided and carefully planned and orchestrated massacres and pogroms, mostly by rampaging Hindu mobs, mostly directed against the Muslims.

Pogroms that were now repeated with monotonous and predictable brutality and barbarism in city after city, town after town, village after village, time after time, throughout much of North India.

What also changed was the attitude of the law enforcement agencies and the government bureaucracy. From being neutral, they now became either indifferent or partisan - on the side of their Hindu co-religionists.

At the same time, there was a remarkable deterioration in their professionalism and competence.

As a result, in many of these anti-Muslim pogroms, the forces of law and order, including local bureaucracies, were generally negligent or indifferent or ineffective - or all of the above.

Then there were also occasions when individuals in these agencies were themselves active instigators and perpetrators of the burnings, lootings, killings and rapes let loose by these so-called riots against the Muslims.

Consequently, these so-called riots were now in part and at times, directly or indirectly aided, abetted, condoned, sponsored and presided over by individuals in government.

Thus, what used to be riots between more or less balanced groups of citizens in the days of the British now became organized adventures in crime, rapacity and lawlessness on the part of India's own governmental agencies from the police to local and state administrations.

Now, these so-called riots were no longer plain and simple riots. They were now plain and simple anti-Muslim pogroms and massacres - large-scale, meticulously planned, carefully orchestrated and executed with diabolical efficiency and monotonous repetitiveness and redundancy.


Chapter 4
What the Misuse Does

Therefore, repetition today of the expression riot - whether mindless or Machiavellian, and whether by the Indian government, the Indian or world press, or by the Muslims themselves - merely serves to mask the truth and kill facts about the systematic physical, cultural, economic, educational and commercial genocide and ethnic cleansing of Indian Muslims.

It distorts reality and covers up some of the most heinous forms of barbarism perpetrated on innocent and defenseless women and children by demonic beings in human shape, at times under the very protection and patronage of government officials.

Given this background, parroting of this word, riot, only helps to shape, direct, channel and control thought, language, imagery and discourse - and outcomes and consequences - of these anti-Muslim pogroms.

And it does so in favor of the murderers and perpetrators and against their victims.

It tends to sanitize and mitigate what Hindu-dominated India is really doing to its defenseless and beleaguered Muslim minority - a minority that has its roots in India close to a millennium and a half.

It tends to soften and whitewash some of the most brutal, sadistic, perverted and barbaric mass lynching’s, rapes, and murders in human history to which Muslims of India are being subjected on a continuing and repetitive basis.

Simply speaking, it serves to kill facts.

And it serves to cover up and compromise the truth about these mostly one-sided and almost always pre-planned and systematic massacres.

And it does so as a corollary, prelude or ground preparation for killing and destroying people.

And in doing so, it obviates the need, occasion and the stimulus for the outbreak of a spontaneous and widespread revulsion and outrage on the part of civilized and decent people in India and around the world against this horrendous holocaust.

An outrage and revulsion, which when expressed actively and in a timely and forceful manner, would potentially deter or slow the beasts and monsters in human shape that perpetrate these horrors with such impunity, over and over again, against their weak and defenseless Muslim victims.

Such outrage on the part of decent people globally would also tend to jolt and awaken the Indian society and government which routinely tolerate, condone, rationalize or cover up these barbarities.

Otherwise, devoid of its barbarous and murderous Indian context, the word riot is a fairly neutral, even innocuous word in the English lexicon.

It has implications of a certain level of evenness, balance, symmetry and reciprocity, whether in responsibility and blame or in damage and losses.

But in the Indian context, this otherwise innocuous word becomes a codeword for the crime of mass murder.

A pattern of mass murders that rises to the level of genocide on a continuing basis.

It also becomes an instrument for the equally heinous crime of cover-up and miscommunication.

In fact, it becomes a password for the pre-planned and mostly one-sided orgy of mass murders of mostly unarmed and defenseless Muslims by rampaging and fanatical Hindu mobs.

Murders, massacres and pogroms, often committed under the very noses and eyes of the police and the bureaucracy.

If not with their tacit approval.

Or at their actual instigation and behest.

Or with their active collaboration, support and participation.

The word riot, therefore, is a key weapon in the communication arsenal of those who want to cover up the crime of ongoing and perpetual genocide against the Indian Muslims.

This book is a closer, a more personal and reflective look at the anatomy of a so-called communal riot in India.

But the real question for everyone to ask is this:

If this is a riot, what then is a massacre?

A pogrom?

A holocaust?

A genocide?

A crime against humanity?

And what were the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals all about?

At the end of World War II?

Trials that were undertaken by a self-professed civilized world suddenly shamed into remorse, guilt and contrition - a little too late for most of the victims.

Not only over the Nazi atrocities themselves, but also over its own all-too-long and all-too-willing-and-complicitous apathy and indifference to them.

And over all the cover-ups, hedging, hesitation and prevarications behind which the civilized world hid when the atrocities were in progress.

And over its own impotence and inability to act forcefully, decisively and in a timely manner to protect the victims even as the crimes were in progress.

Or at the least to speak out in a clear, firm and loud voice in denunciation of those atrocities and crimes, even as they were occurring - at a time when speaking out mattered most and would have stopped or slowed them and would have helped the victims.


Chapter 5
What Communication Covers Up

What many people don't understand about communication is the fact that it is an effective tool not only for conveying information and revealing truth but also for concealment and cover up.

That communication is also the instrument of choice for propaganda, for creating confusion in the minds of the people and for conveying falsehood and disinformation.

That communication could be a deadly weapon in the hands of those without conscience, morality and scruples.

This makes it necessary that we go beyond the words that are used and ask what those words really mean.

And see not only what words and expressions reveal but also what they cover up and conceal.

Therefore, looking deeper, here is what really lies behind the euphemism riots.

What the whole thing really means.

In practice and in its proper context.

Here is a quick glimpse of some of the horror, savagery and depravity that communication conceals and covers up.

Every time we use the expression communal riots to describe the repetitive and pre-planned massacres of the Muslim minority in India by fascist and fanatical elements from India's Hindu majority.


Chapter 6
Anatomy of A Communal Riot in India

In a city...

Any city...

In a town...

Any town...

In a village...

Any village...

Anywhere in the heart of India...

A land that many Indians call Mother...

The home of peace-loving Buddha...

And the just ruler Asoka...

And righteous Rama...

And wise Krishna...

And eclectic Gurunanak...

And compassionate Chishti...

And bounteous Nizamuddin...

And the great humanists and visionary poets Iqbal and Tagore...

And that remarkable Indian apostle of peace and nonviolence, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi...

And countless other sages and noble souls.


The land of countless numbers of Hindus...

And Muslims...

And Buddhists...

And Sikhs....

And Christians....

And others...

For countless generations...

And centuries...

The name of the place does not matter.

The location does not matter.

The size does not matter.

Suffice it to say, people live here.

Ordinary people.

People just like you and me and everyone else...

Babies, children, grandparents, husbands and wives.

Fathers, mothers, widows and orphans.

Students, teachers, farmers, bankers, entrepreneurs and workers.

And, of course, the cripple, the sick, the elderly, the weak, the helpless.

And all sorts of others.

Just like any other place anywhere else.

Ordinary people!

Just like you and me and everyone else...

Not so long ago, many more people used to live here.

In this town, city, village, whose name and location do not really matter.

They were also ordinary people.

People just like you and me and everyone else...

Babies, children, grandparents, husbands and wives.

Fathers, mothers, students, teachers, farmers and workers.

And, of course, the cripple, the sick, the elderly.

And all sorts of others.

But not anymore.

They don't live here anymore.

These other people.

They are dead.

Others are maimed.

Many of them were burned alive, including women and little children.

Many of them were hacked to pieces, including little babies.

Many of the women were most barbarically and sadistically gang-raped and sexually tortured and then killed.

Many women had their breasts cut off and then paraded naked on the street.

Other women were repeatedly raped by some of these monsters while some others stood around and videotaped these satanic acts.

Still other Muslims are in jail awaiting trial for not being among the dead...

The injured...

The maimed...

And the mutilated.

Innocent and hapless victims of what some call a communal riot in India.

Unknown, unsung, unmourned.

Unrecognized by anyone except their own close relatives, if any were left alive.

And members of their own hapless, helpless community who may have somehow survived the carnage.

Uncompensated for their injuries and losses.

Unavenged for the wrongs and injustices inflicted upon them so blatantly and with such impunity.

Innocent victims of a so-called communal riot in India.

But an all-important question which no one seems to ask, and which no one seems to care about, is this:

If this is a riot, what then is a massacre?

A pogrom?

A holocaust?

A genocide?

A crime against humanity?

And what were the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals all about?

At the end of World War II?


Chapter 7
How it Really Happens – What
Some So Callously Call A
Communal Riot

This is how it generally happens...

What some so callously, cruelly call a communal riot in India!

One day...

Any day...

Many people from the city...

Any city...

Or town...

Any town...

Or village...

Any village...

And from elsewhere...

Begin to gather in a public place.

Their mood is dark...




There is hate in their heart...

Venom in their eye...

And murder on their mind.

They are lusting to lynch.

Burning, boiling, seething in anticipation, of the rapes and lynchings to come.

Not the lynching of an individual or two but the lynching of an entire community of people.

And of all the rapes and sexual tortures and mutilations they have planned.

They carry all kinds of tools of death and destruction in their hands.








Flaming torches...

Cans full of gasoline and kerosene.

The crowd quickly turns into a mob.

The mob then becomes vicious, volatile, violent.

It swells...

And swells...

And swells...

As thugs and murderers and goons and arsonists and rapists and sundry other criminals choke the streets.

The mob...

The volatile, vicious, violent, venomous, barbaric and pitiless mob.

It grows more volatile, vicious, violent, venomous and pitiless by the minute.

Slogans rend the air.

Slogans steeped in hate.

Slogans inciting people to kill...

To rape...

And to burn.





And yet methodically...

And in calculated and carefully engineered and orchestrated fury, frenzy and barbarity.

The mob then marches to where those other people live.

People from the same or neighboring village.


Or city...

Ordinary people.

People just like you and me and everyone else.

Babies, children, grandparents, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.

Students, teachers, farmers, workers, business people.

And, of course, the cripple, the sick, the elderly, the helpless, the widows and the orphans.

And others.

Yet, in the eyes of the mob, a different people.

Different because they profess or practice a creed, faith, religion or culture different from the one professed by the mob.

Different, therefore, less and inferior.

Different, therefore, somehow expendable without cost.

Different, therefore, somehow fair game for the most inhuman and barbaric treatment with near-total impunity.

Mostly Muslims.

These other people.

Almost always Muslims.

The mob then surrounds their homes.

And businesses.

And office buildings.

And schools.

And places of worship.

The mob then douses them with kerosene and gasoline...

And sets them on fire.

The mob then rampages.


Runs amuck.




Raping its victims.

Subjecting them to the most unspeakable forms of sadistic physical and sexual torture and degradation.

Mostly Muslims.

Almost always Muslims.

The victims of these so-called riots.

And it is all done in cold blood.

By Hindu mobs consumed by pathological hate.

Even babies and children are hacked to pieces.

Or clubbed to death.

By the frenzied mob.


The mob simply burns the occupants alive with their buildings and belongings.

Infants are torn from the arms of their mothers and tossed in the flames.

The mob then plunders...

And pillages...

And sows death, destruction, carnage, shame and desolation wherever it goes.

This is how it generally happens.

What some so indifferently call a communal riot in India.

This is how it happens.

Over and over and over again.

In place after place.

Time after time.

What some so glibly, so innocently, so nonchalantly, so mindlessly, so cruelly and so heartlessly call a communal riot.


Chapter 8
Role of the Indian Police and

Even as this carnage unfolds, the police arrives.


Guardian of law, life, liberty, order and property.


Servant and protector of the people.


The symbol of rectitude, power and authority that separates beasts from humans and the jungle from civilization.


The joy, comfort, pride and valued treasure of a free people.

Of a civilized society.


The internationally recognized instrument of justice...

The hope of individuals under attack by criminals, goons and gangsters.

Yet, at times, the police in India merely watches the anti-Muslim carnage from the sidelines.

At other times, it opens fire, methodically gunning down those who protest the carnage.

Mostly Muslims.

And those who venture out of their homes to defend and protect their children, women and properties from the mob.

And those who simply manage to break out of their burning buildings and run, desperately, to escape the marauding mob.

Mostly Muslims.

Almost always Muslims.

These victims of police brutality and killings.

Mostly Muslims.

Almost always Muslims.

And yet at other times, the police throws itself actively and lustily in the carnage.




Just like the rest of the rampaging mob.

In what some of us so comfortably, so glibly, so thoughtlessly call a communal riot.


Chapter 9
How Long the Carnage Lasts

It does not matter how long the carnage lasts.

For some, it lasts hours.

Or days.

Or weeks.

For others, it lasts forever...

Until eternity...

And for generations...

And never really ends.

With every healing scar coming back alive with every new carnage and conflagration.

Suffice it to say that it lasts for as long as it takes the mob...

And sometimes the police...

To kill.

To rape...

To burn...

To mutilate...

To rid that city, that town and that village of many of its inhabitants.

Those other people.

People with a creed, faith, religion or culture different from that professed or practiced by the mob.

Mostly Muslims.

Almost always Muslims.

The hapless victims of these so-called communal riots in India.

People who had lived there for countless generations.

And centuries.

Ordinary people.

People just like you and me and everyone else...

Babies, children, grandparents, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.

Students, teachers, farmers and workers.

And, of course, the cripple, the sick, the elderly, the weak, the widows and the orphans.

And all sorts of others.

But who no longer live there because the merciless mob massacred and decimated them.

It butchered and burned them alive.

And because the police took many of the survivors away - only later to dispose of their dead and mangled bodies wherever and however it could.

Those the police could not kill and dispose of, it packed into prisons and state torture chambers and hospitals.

For no other fault or crime than the fact that they had a creed, faith, religion or culture different from the one professed by the mob.

And by the majority of the police.

And by members of the predominantly Hindu bureaucracy and state administration.

And by the majority of Indians in India.


Chapter 10
Police Returns to the Scene of the Massacres

And once the carnage cools...

And once the killing and the raping and the burning run their course...

The police returns.

One more time.

Once more, its bullets methodically pick out the people that protest the carnage.

People who desperately act to defend and protect their children, women and properties from the mob.

The police then breaks into the buildings that somehow survived the carnage and the orgy of arson.

It ravages the remainder of the life, dignity, honor and property of the terrified survivors of the first onslaught.

And it rounds up the men and hauls them off in trucks on charges of violence and lawlessness.

Mostly Muslims.

Almost always Muslims.

For the crime of not being among the dead...

And the injured...

And the maimed...

And the mutilated.

Some of its victims, the police shoots and tosses half-dead into convenient rivers and ravines.

Others, it beats up and throws in jail to rot without bail or trial.

Still others have acid poured in their eyes by police officers.

Or powdered hot pepper stuffed under their eyelids.


Guardian of law, life, liberty and property.


Servant and protector of the people.


The symbol of rectitude, power and authority that separates beasts from humans, the jungle from civilization.


The joy, comfort, pride and valued treasure of a free people.

Of a civilized society.


The internationally recognized instrument of justice...

The hope of individuals under attack by criminals, goons and gangsters.

But in India...

The same police...

An instrument of genocide and multiple crimes against humanity against India's defenseless Muslim minority...

In these so-called communal riots.


Chapter 11
How the Story Repeats Itself


This is how it generally happens.

What some call a communal riot in India.

With some variations here and there.

But this is how it generally happens in a given city.

In a given town.

In a given village.

On a given day...

Any fateful, brutal, dark, merciless, inhuman, barbaric, apocalyptic day.

Almost every day.

And this is how it has been happening...

For decade after unending, barbaric, dark decade.

Each darker and deadlier than the other.

In city after city.

Town after town.

Village after village.

State after state.

Time after time.

Year after year.

The name does not matter.

The place does not matter.

Call it what you will.










Or even Bombay...

The crown jewel of India's cosmopolitan culture.

And commerce.

And now, at the time of writing in 2001-2002, Ahmedabad and the Indian state of Gujarat.

One more time.

With its latest consignment of individuals burned alive.

And thousands hacked to pieces.

With both the mob and the police doing their scripted part of death and destruction, burning and looting, raping and pillaging, to satanic perfection.

And demonic monotony.


Chapter 12
The Name Does Not Matter

Does the name really matter?

Why should the name matter?

Suffice it to say that they are all beautiful places...

In beautiful India.

Yet they were all rocked and ravaged and ripped, rent asunder and disfigured and desecrated by what some so innocently call communal riots.

Bathed in the blood and honor of untold, uncounted innocents and defenseless people.

People just like you, me and everyone else.

Babies, children, grandparents, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.

Students, teachers, farmers, workers, business people, professionals and wage earners.

And, of course, the cripple, the sick, the elderly, the weak, the widows, the orphans.

Mostly Muslims.

Almost always Muslims.

At one time.

Or another.

And some of these places...

Over and over...


And again…

And again…

And again.

Beautiful places.

All of them...

In beautiful India.

In a beautiful part of God's most beautiful earth...

Where innocent, defenseless, voiceless children, women and men in droves were massacred...

And lynched...

And burned alive...

In some of the most ugly, inhuman, cold-blooded, heartless, barbaric, brutal, sadistic and shameless carnages and pogroms the earth has ever witnessed.


Following the footsteps of Germany's Nazi hordes.

For no other fault or crime than having a creed, faith, religion or culture different from the one professed by the mob...

By the police...

By the state bureaucracy...

And by the majority of India's Hindu population.

For the crime of being members of India's Muslim minority...

Under the domination of a Hindu majority...

In the grip of a fanatical revival fever.

Carnages and pogroms...

That have been so repeatedly and so shamelessly blacked-out...

Covered up...






And sugar-coated...

By so many people in so many places.

What matters is that the story repeats itself.


And again...

And again...

Deja vu.

In city after city.

Village after village.

State after state.

Time after time.

Year after year.

Actors change...

Scenes change...

Victims change...

Perpetrators change...


The script changes little.

People killing people.

Indians killing Indians.

Sections of India's Hindu majority killing members of India's Muslim minority.

Heirs to one of the world's oldest and richest civilizations ripping the very soul of that civilization to shreds.

Sometimes on their own...

Sometimes with connivance and complicity from the police...

And the bureaucracy.

And the politicians.

And the religious fanatics.

And fascists.

And sundry other criminals and terrorists.

And thugs and goons.

Mercilessly and ruthlessly.

And yet methodically.

And meticulously...

In these so-called communal riots in India.


Chapter 13
What Matters Most

In truth...

It does not really matter who these people are.

The people that are so brutally and inhumanly massacred...




Even though they are mostly Muslims.

Almost always Muslims.

Suffice it to say, they are people.

Ordinary people.

People just like you and me and everyone else...

Babies, children, grandparents, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.

Students, teachers, farmers, workers, traders, artisans and craftsmen.

And, of course, the cripple, the sick, the elderly, the weak, the widows, the orphans and the helpless.

And all sorts of others.

Call them Muslims, if you will, or if you must.

For that is who they generally are.


Mostly Muslims.

Almost always Muslims.

The hapless victims of these massacres in India that some of us call communal riots.

But in truth and reality,

What does it matter who the victims are as long as the crime, the atrocity, the brutality, the savagery, the barbarism is what it is?

For, it is the act itself that should evoke in us the deepest shock, outrage, revulsion, abhorrence, condemnation and repudiation.

Regardless of who the victims or the perpetrators are.

For too long has the world judged actions by actors and victims rather than by the nature of the acts themselves.

The acts of savagery and barbarism committed against India's Muslim minority by India's Hindu majority in these so-called communal riots stand condemned in their own right, regardless of the identity of the victims or the perpetrators.

Will these terrible, tragic, horrendous and barbaric crimes be any more or less terrible, heinous, tragic and barbaric if the victims were not Muslims?

If the victims were other than Muslims?

If the victims were Jews, Palestinians, Hindus, Christians - just about anyone else?

Therefore, what does it matter who the victims of these massacres and pogroms are so long as the acts remain what they are - some of the worst forms of barbarism, brutality, savagery and criminality ever perpetrated by humans against fellow-humans?

Nor does it matter really who the perpetrators are.

Call them Hindus, if you will, or if you must.

For that is who they generally are.

Mostly Hindus.

Almost always Hindus.

For, it is the act itself that is in the dock - and that deserves every human being's most unqualified and unreserved condemnation and rejection - not just the identity of those who have been its brutal and barbaric perpetrators.

Will these terrible and most barbaric crimes, therefore, be any more or less terrible, heinous and barbaric if their perpetrators were not Hindus?

If they were Jews, Palestinians, Muslims, Christians - just about anyone else?

What does it matter who the perpetrators are, so long as the victims are who they are.


Real, ordinary, innocent, defenseless and voiceless people.

People just like you and me and everyone else...

Babies, children, grandparents, husbands, wives, fathers and mothers.

Students, teachers, farmers, workers and business people.

And, of course, the cripple, the sick, the elderly, the poor, the helpless, the defenseless, the widows and the orphans.

And all sorts of others.

Even though, in real life, the victims of these massacres are mostly Muslims.

Almost always Muslims.

The battle is already lost when we wait to determine the identity of the killed or the killer before denouncing the killing itself.

Therefore, it does not really matter who the murderer, the rapist or the arsonist is, nor does it matter who the victim is - of these gruesome, barbaric acts.

What matters is that India is too beautiful a place, Indians are too proud, rational, religious, decent and civilized a people, and human life and dignity too sacred a trust, for anyone to kill anyone without due process.

What really matters, then, is that real people are killed.

Real women are subjected to the worst forms of sexual torture and mass rapes.

Real businesses are destroyed.

Real valuables are looted.

Real houses are torched.

Real places of worship are desecrated, disfigured and demolished.

Real babies are butchered and burned.

What also matters is that they are killed and lynched and raped and looted and burned, not because of some specific crime that they may have committed...

But because of who they are...

For no other fault than that of being Muslims.

A defenseless minority.

At the mercy of a blood-thirsty, callous, lawless, rampaging, murderous mob from the Hindu majority.

And at the mercy of a blood-thirsty, callous, sadistic, lawless, rogue police...

And of a corrupt bureaucracy.

And of politicians without conscience, candor, courage or character.

And of religious fanatics, extremists, bigots and fascists.

And of sundry other terrorists, thugs and goons.

And of a bemused, befuddled, apathetic, silent, quiescent, almost complicitous, culpable majority.

And its representative government.


It does not matter who the victims really are...

Muslims, Hindus, Dalits, Brahmins, Sikhs, Christians, Jews, Palestinians, others.

Even though the targets of these massacres in India are mostly Muslims.

Almost always Muslims.

What matters is that these people are killed without due process.

That they are killed in carefully planned and organized orgies of mass lynchings and burnings of the kind the world has seldom known.


Following the footsteps of Germany's Nazi hordes.

And that they are killed not only before the very eyes of the police and bureaucracy but at times with their connivance, complicity, help, facilitation, instigation, encouragement and participation.

And subsequent cover-up.


Chapter 14
As the World Looks On

What also matters is that while this saga of blood, barbarism and depravity plays out in India...

One sordid, wretched chapter after another...

One gory, fiery, inhuman, criminal, savage, barbaric, brutal, satanic encore after another...

The world looks on...

Much as it did when Hitler's hordes hounded the Jews...

And the Gypsies...

And the Catholics...

And others.

In the same petrified, immoral, dazed, dehumanized, stupefied inaction and indifference.

The entire world mostly looks on...

Without blinking an eye.

Without lifting a finger.

Often, without saying a word.

The New York Times and The Washington Post look on.

As they did until the Bombay massacres.

Time and Newsweek look on.

CBS, ABC, NBC and CNN look on.

Amnesty International and other human rights organizations look on.

The United States Congress and State Department look on.

The United Nations looks on.

Ex-president Carter of the United States and Nobel peace-prize-winner Archbishop Tutu of South Africa and sundry other human rights advocates and activists look on.

The Pope and his Cardinals look on.

Even the Muslim governments of the world look on.

They all look on.

In silence

In bewilderment...

And with indifference and impotence.

As if their sense of justice, fairness or compassion comes with a warning attached:

"Not for Indian Muslims!"

Or with a label that reads:

"Indian Muslims Need Not Apply!"

As if their penchant for fearless thought and free speech suddenly shrivels up when it reaches the magic word Muslims - Indian Muslims.

As if, in their world and value system, to be Muslim is to forfeit, ab initio, all claim to human dignity...

And to the most elementary of human and civil rights.

Including the very right to life.

Or liberty.

As if their milk of human kindness suddenly parches up and turns to dust at the mention of the word Muslim.

As if, in their view, Muslims constitute the unwritten exception to the Geneva Conventions.

And to the United Nations Charter on Human Rights

And to the universality of the principle of speaking the truth which their parents and grandparents taught them as children.

So, the whole world looks on as Muslims of India are butchered and burned alive in thousands by India's Hindu majority.

Often with help from the police and state administration.


Chapter 15
When Silence Reigns


It seems to be true.


And again...

And again...

So true...

When it is India's Muslim minority whose civil and human rights are violated...

No matter how viciously and brutally and barbarically.

Whenever it is India's Muslim minority that happens to be the victim...

Silence generally reigns supreme.

Deafening, roaring, opaque, all-encompassing, complete, comprehensive, impenetrable, almost conspiratorial silence...

Silence which rolls like molten lava...

From every direction...

Silence which rises in towering waves...

And engulfs...

And buries...

Newspaper and magazine columns.

Radio and television broadcasts.

Halls and corridors of legislatures and state and court houses.

Government offices and corporate boardrooms.

College and university campuses and portals.

The scholarship of the academy.

And the very conscience and compassion of religious leadership and elite across denominational lines.

Silence locks and seals the lips, pens, computer keyboards, camera lenses and microphones of sundry individuals and groups.

Groups otherwise perfectly honorable and perfectly sensitive to and vocal about the violation of every civil and human right in every part of the world at the hands of every tyrant.

From Bokassa and Idi Amin in Africa of yore to Saddam

Hussein in Iraq of today.

It matters that truth should become a prisoner of pusillanimity and politicking and of this diabolical game of rationing and selective apportionment…

That truth should be a handmaiden to partisan purpose and political expediency...

And hypocrisy.

And moral duplicity, cowardice, bankruptcy and pandering.

Of one kind or another.

It matters that others in this world should have rights...

But not the Muslims...

It matters that others in this world should have individuals, agencies, organizations and governments advocating their rights...

Standing up for them...

Speaking out for them...

But not the Muslims...

And in particular...

The Muslim minority in India.

A helpless, defenseless, voiceless minority subjected to this perpetual pogrom...

To this, perhaps, the longest-lasting holocaust in human history...

To this seemingly never-ending dance of death...

To this perpetual reign of terror, arson and destruction...

And rape...

And pain...

And humiliation...

And suffering...

And dehumanization...

And brutalization...

For so long.

In so many places.

And so repetitively.

Muslims, it would appear, have become the modern man's and woman's measure - and limit — of commitment to the lofty ideals of justice, fairness, equality, human rights and truth.

Muslims seem to have become the rock on which the ship of modern civilization's commitment to these civilized goals and ideals crumbles.

These are not people who resort to silence, in a Shakespearian sense, the more powerfully and effectively to communicate their views - and their outrage and their protests and their rejection of injustice and the trampling underfoot of the most basic and inalienable of all human rights.

The right to life.

Instead, these are people whose consciences and voices have selective wavelengths on which to operate - none of them accessible to Muslims.

In reality, they are little more than the communication homeless - refugees from communication.

And from civilization.

Trying to hide under massive steel, concrete and plastic structures of their respective affiliations from the glare of powerful searchlights that the guardians of their own conscience inside them beam at them from time to time.

These are people who are running away from their communication obligations and hoping - and pretending - no one would notice.

In that sense, they do use silence to speak - deafening, shrill, inhuman, selective silence that tells anyone who would care to listen that so far as they were concerned the massacred Muslims in India and their relatives, friends and other sundry survivors were on their own.


Chapter 16
A Human Pathology Called Denial

Yet, it matters in these so-called communal riots in India that instead of taking responsibility, there is often denial.

There is denial of the killings.

There is denial that the killings are planned.


Carefully orchestrated and engineered.

And methodically and meticulously carried out.

There is denial of police involvement, lawlessness, complicity, barbarism and brutality.

There is denial of bureaucratic bungling...



Cover up...

There is denial of the magnitude of the killings...

Of the horror, brutality and demonic nature of the killings.

Of the diabolical consequences of the killings.

There is denial of the repetitive, ongoing character of the killings.

There is denial of the fact that the hate behind these killings has spread with the rapidity, malignancy and deadliness of cancer in the body of India that many Indians call mother.

There is denial that once begun, these killings spread like wild fire.

Like a lighted match tossed in a tinderbox.

There is even denial of the denial.

And of the official cover up.

And of the government indifference.

And of the bureaucratic callousness.

And of the anarchy and lawlessness in the ranks of the very forces of law and order.

What matters is that everyone denies one thing or another about these killings.

What also matters is that no one sheds a tear for the victims.

No one lays a wreath.

No one erects a monument.

No one holds a commemorative conference.

No one builds a museum.

What matters is that no one condemns the killings...

And the lynchings...

And the burnings...

And the rapes...

And the pogroms...

And the massacres...

And the general breakdown of law and order.

No one cries out in horror.

In anger...

In shame...

In shock...

In outrage...

In revulsion...

And in pain...

What matters is that no one ever says sorry!

No one demands that the killings stop.

No one demands that the killers and the rapists and the arsonists be pursued.




No one demands that the victims be compensated.


Chapter 17
Victim Blame:
Yet Another Social Pathology

It also matters that there is a great deal of blame.

But the blame almost always recoils on the victims.

Not on the perpetrators.


The perpetrators are given the benefit of the doubt.

They and their perverse and satanic acts are showered with a shameful litany of excuses.

And apologies...

And mitigations...

And rationalizations...

And euphemisms...

They and their perverse acts are provided the ignoble defense of historical context, inevitability and compulsivity...

A defense that rationalizes and condones the actual and immediate barbarism of the present-day Hindu mobs in the context of supposed or imaginary excesses by Muslims, hundreds of years ago.

Thus, while the Hindu mobs get the fig leaf of excuses, rationalizations and understanding, their Muslim victims get the brunt of the blame.

The rhetoric, the analysis, the fact-finding and the soul-searching almost always boils down to one thing...

No matter how terrible the tragedy...

How gruesome the horrors and atrocities...

The victims bear the brunt of the blame.


It is their fault...

The victims' fault...

The Muslims' fault!

Not the fault of the perpetrators.

It almost always is...

The fault of the victims.

The fault of the Muslims.

It is the fault of the Muslims that they get murdered and lynched.

That they get raped and mutilated.

That they get burned alive in droves in broad daylight...

Often, right under the noses and watchful eyes of the police and state bureaucracy.

It is never the fault of those who perpetrate these horrors on them.

Time and again, the litany of blame repeats a common theme:

The Muslims provoked it.

The Muslims asked for it

The Muslims brought it upon themselves.

And, somehow, the Muslims deserved it.

As if Muslims were the most irrational, unthinking people on earth...

As if they were collectively consumed by a deathwish.


And again...

And again...


Chapter 18
Then Come the Experts

Then come the experts with their analysis and solutions.

The experts...

And the pundits...

And the cognoscenti...

And the sundry bleeding hearts...

And mealy mouths...

They all crawl out of the woodwork with their analysis...

And with their panacea...

One after the other.


They say.

"If only the Muslims had done X..."

"Or not done Y..."

They moan.

"The Muslims would have been safe today..."

They say.

"The Muslims would have been spared the horrors..."

"And the atrocities..."


"If only the Muslims..."

"If only the Muslims had done X..."

"Or not done Y..."

They whine.


And again...

And again...

Others scramble to put things in perspective - historical and global perspective.

"If only," they say knowingly, and with a deep, understanding pain in their eyes. "If only Muslim rulers had not killed all those Hindus a thousand years ago!"

"If only that hadn't happened to the Hindus then, this wouldn't be happening to the Muslims now!"

They shake their heads in sorrow...

These masters of perspective and context...

These pundits of pusillanimity and perversity...

These beggars of the soul...

These dead of heart and lepers of the human conscience...

These sellers of their souls for a morsel of daily bread...and for false security and prestige...

All the real gang rapes and burning alive of people today ... fair and just compensation ... for the reported or suspected atrocities of a thousand years ago ... That is what they seem to be saying ... these pundits of pusillanimity and apostles of human depravity ... almost licking their lips ... almost with a twinkle in their sick eyes.

Others voice their solicitations.

And offer their remedies and solutions...

And their gratuitous advice and suggestions to the multitudes of Muslim dead and dying.

"Maybe from now on the Muslims should start doing X..."

They coo.

"Or stop doing Y..."

They optimistically mutter and mumble.

"So that the Muslims will be safe next time around...

"So that even worse horrors would not be visited upon them next time around..."

"Maybe the Muslims, in their hearts, must love Pakistan a little less and India a little more!"

They say.

"Maybe Muslims must have a more domestic focus and not face in their worship a foreign city like Makkah!"

They say.

"Maybe, as Indians, Muslims must openly acknowledge their Hindu roots and the Hindu component of their present identity and future focus!"

They say.

"Maybe Muslims must not be so self-conscious of their Islamic identity and act more like Indians!"

They say.

"Maybe the Muslims..."

They bleat.

"Maybe the Muslims..."

They go on...


And again…

And again...


To the thousands upon thousands of Muslim dead and dying...

These experts with their analysis...

And with their suggestions and solutions and recommendations...

To all those Muslims, thousands upon thousands of them...

Dead and dying...


Burned alive...



At the hands of brutes, devils, demons and animals in human shape ...

And fanatics and fascists ...

From India's Hindu majority.

In these so-called communal riots in India.


Chapter 19
One Victim Too Many


The number of victims does not matter either.

It may be ten.

Or 10,000.

Or just one.

It does not really matter what the number of the victims is.

For, the battle is already lost when we tend to determine the number of the victims before we can denounce the acts of murder, rape or burning alive of human beings.

Anywhere, by anyone.

When we do it to people who we think are different from us.

Whatever the difference.

Faith or religion or creed.

Race or color of skin or complexion.

National or tribal origin or affiliation.



Something else.

When we do it to people just because they are different from us.

Just because they are Muslims.

Or Jews.

Or Hindus.

Or Christians.

Or something else.

It does not then matter whether the number of those subjected to these atrocities is one, or one thousand, or one million or one hundred million.

The battle was lost, and the horse bolted the barn, when the first human became the victim of these atrocities.

Ever since that first victim, humanity is in retreat.

The perpetrators and spectators alike.

It was at that precise moment that darkness descends. When the human ghoulishness claims its very first victim. Therefore, the numbers don't really matter.

What matters is that even one man lynched...

One woman raped...

One house burned...

One business destroyed...

One school torn down...

One place of worship desecrated...

One baby butchered...

Is one too many.

It is one too many for the killed.

For the killers...

And for the onlookers alike.

It is one too many for that society.

And for the rest of the world.

It is one too many for Muslims...

For Hindus...

For Sikhs...

For Jews...

For Christians...

For Buddhists...

And for members of any other civilized faith.

Not only in India.

But all over the world.

And it is one too many for religion...

For secularism...

For atheism...

For agnostic humanism...

It is just one plain too many for democracy...

And for civilized human society and government everywhere.

It is one too many for the United Nations.

And for the world's many human rights agencies, watch groups, organizations and advocates.

It is one too many for a free, fearless and civilized world press.

A press still wedded to the broad ideals of objectivity and truth, fairness and compassion.

A press still fascinated by the challenge of uncovering a crime.

An atrocity.

Especially a massacre and a pogrom.

Especially one bordering on genocide.

Especially one so close to being a crime against humanity.

A press still tantalized by the lure of human and civil rights.

By the timeless notions of justice and fairness.

A press not entirely sold out, hopefully, to commercial interests or partisan purposes.

It is one too many for human decency, conscience and civilization.

Inside India...

As well as outside.

Simply and bluntly...

It is one too many for you.

The reader.

And for me...

The writer.

And for everyone else.

It is one too many for each and every one of us...


Regardless of who we are...

Or where we are...

And regardless of who the victim is...

Or even the perpetrator is...

And regardless of what the color, faith, gender or national origin or identity of the victim or the perpetrator is.

And regardless of whether or not the perpetrator is of our own tribe, nation, gender, race, religion, group or kind, or of a different tribe, nation, gender, race, religion, group or kind.

So long as we are all of the human race.

And so long as we all share, in reality or in metaphor, in religion or in science, a single drop of Adam's blood.

Or a single gene from Lucy.

The oldest human archeological find.


Chapter 20
Teaching Hate and Covering up Crime

This has been the anatomy of what some call communal riots in India - a sad, dark and diabolical euphemism and misnomer for some of the worst acts of systematic and pre-planned savagery and barbarism in the annals of human history.

This is also the story of the pain, suffering, hurt, helplessness and humiliation heaped on Muslims in India.

And elsewhere.

A story of repetitive and ongoing massacres of Muslims in India.

Of blatant injustice and unfairness.

For all these years and decades.

This is also an instance of how communication in the form of a seemingly harmless word like riots can turn into miscommunication and disinformation.

Propaganda, concealment, obfuscation and cover up.

Giving the seemingly innocuous name of riot to massacres bordering on genocide.

Passing off as riot, or disturbance or conflict what in reality are large-scale systematic and pre-planned massacres and pogroms carried out against entire communities of people.

Against an entire fellowship of faith.

It shows how in the hands of partisans and prisoners of pusillanimity and psychic destitution, depravity and perversity, communication can become an instrument to perpetuate prejudice.

And consolidate the domination of one group over another, leading to the eventual physical elimination of the subordinate group - as happened to the Muslims and Jews in Spain after 1492.

And to native American peoples, nations and cultures throughout the Americas.

Or leading to the subordinate group being reduced to the status of permanent slaves as happened to the untouchables - the Dalits - in India.

And to the blacks in America.

This is what communication can do - in the hands of those who have no morals or conscience.

Or who practice selective morality and ethics, according to which they use one set of rules for themselves - Us, Self - and another set of rules for others - Them, Other.

As what the Hindu majority is doing right now with its Muslim minority in India.

This is how communication in the form of speech and silence, words and images, myths and stories, can create hate - pathological hate.

And systematically nurture and fan the flames of that hate till it turns into a demonic conflagration consuming everything in sight - figuratively as well as literally.

A conflagration that has been unleashed upon the Muslims of India repeatedly over the past half century.

This is what communication can do.

And does.

It can sugarcoat reality.

It can cover up crime.

And it can create confusion and obfuscation in the minds of naive, trusting, unsuspecting, gullible, ill-informed people.

Leading to the perpetration of the most unspeakable horrors against fellow humans.

And leading, also, to silence and quiescence and indifference on the part of others.

Communication - that defining human characteristic, quality and function.

Communication - that amazing divine spark in the heart of humanity.

Communication - that matchless instrument and marker of human civilization and achievement.

Communication - that has such unmatched power and potential for good.

For creating reality.

For constructing images and powering and directing human action.

For shaping a new world.

For making our world a better place for all.

For getting the world to do the right thing.

For calling humanity to the highest notions and levels of justice and fairness.

Kindness and compassion.

For enjoining what is right, good, kind and noble and for forbidding, fighting and stopping what is bad, wrong, evil, detrimental to individual and public good.

But which, in the hands of the partisans, the timid, the greedy, the wicked and the sundry sick-of-the-soul, becomes an instrument for producing and perpetuating prejudice and hate that lead on to murder.

Murder, not just of an individual or two.

But murder that takes the form of systematic and pre-planned massacre and elimination of entire groups and communities of people.

As has been done to the Muslims of India over the past 50 years.

And to all sorts of other groups and peoples - human, all of them in one place or another.

At one time or another.

By other groups and peoples - also human, all of them.

Verging on genocide.

Based primarily on people's faith.

Or based on some other marker of difference, deviance or deficit, arbitrarily chosen and even more arbitrarily defined.

This is also how, in the hands of the partisans and the timid and the greedy and the wicked and the sundry sick-of-the-soul, communication and miscommunication and disinformation combine to cover up crime.

And give it a whitewash.

And concoct lame, perverse and depraved excuses and rationalizations for it.

Even if it is a crime against humanity.

As has been happening to the Muslims of India for the past half century.


Chapter 21
If This Is A Riot...

And it is this that some people so sweetly, nonchalantly, callously, foolishly call a communal riot in India.

Riot - a dirty four-letter word when used to describe the systematic, pre-planned and at times state-condoned and police-and-bureaucracy-aided massacres, rapes and burning alive of large numbers of Muslims in India.

A scarlet letter of shame, insensitivity and hypocrisy that hangs around the necks of those who embrace it and perpetuate its use.

But what we - you, me and everyone else - rarely ask, and yet need to answer, is this:

If this is a riot, what then is a massacre?

A pogrom?

A holocaust?

A genocide?

A crime against humanity?

And what were the Nuremberg trials all about?

At the end of World War II?