MASSACRES - Hazards of Being a Minority in Modern India

Mar 30, 2020


After more than four decades of silent suffering, here is an attempt to give voice to the crushing pain that fills the hearts of Indian Muslims - and other minorities - everywhere. That unspeakable pain is over the repetitive massacres of Muslims in India that pass under the sordid, cold and heartless euphemism of communal riots.

There have been hundreds of such anti-Muslim riots or pogroms in India during the past half-century - since the British partitioned the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan in 1947 at the end of their colonial occupation.

Ever since, these so-called riots have claimed millions of lives - mostly Muslim lives - and perpetrated unspeakable horrors on India's Muslim minority.

They have also taken human degeneracy and propensity to sadistic and depraved violence, including sexual torture, gang rapes and burning alive of victims, to an unprecedented level.

Treatment of this subject in the book attempts to clearly identify the victims and the perpetrators of these massacres that everyone either foolishly or knowingly refers to as communal riots.

It also seeks to spotlight the role of the Indian government, the bureaucracy, the press and the police in these massacres.

At the same time, it also tries to make plain the gruesome, barbaric and horrendous nature of these anti-Muslim pogroms that come perilously close to genocide.

Hopefully, this book will serve some useful purposes. Among them the following:

  1. Help soothe the aching hearts of Indian Muslims everywhere.
  2. Have a therapeutic and cathartic effect on other similarly targeted and persecuted minority groups everywhere - Muslim, Dalit, Palestinian, Chechen, Christian or otherwise.
  3. Familiarize Muslims outside India with the true story of the repetitive massacres of Muslims in India.
  4. Make Muslims in the United States, U.K., Canada, Europe, the Middle East and other parts of the world realize that while they may have made a great deal of fuss and raised funds and support for various Muslim causes and issues around the world, they have all betrayed Islam and Muslim fellowship and brotherhood by turning their backs on the ongoing massacre of Indian Muslims.
  5. Make Muslims of Indo-Pak-Bangla origin everywhere realize that when it comes to tackling the ongoing genocide of Indian Muslims, they have all sold out... they have put it on the back burner and allowed it to go on without doing anything serious or systematic to stop it while they pursued other pet projects of their own choice and preference.
  6. Inform non-Muslims outside of India about the systematic and near-genocidal killing of Muslims of India.
  7. Create a greater awareness and sense of responsibility about these crimes-against-humanity in the West and in the rest of the civilized world.
  8. Encourage the broader, mainstream Hindu community in India - and overseas - to come to grips with truth about these horrors and take steps that would help to end them.
  9. Make the government of India feel the urgency to put a stop to these crimes against humanity, punish the perpetrators, compensate the victims and provide adequate safeguards for the future.
  10. Encourage those who have their hands on the levers of communication power - whether in the media, public or private agencies, universities and cultural institutions, religious and other groups - to wake up to the enormous responsibility of using that power to speak the truth and defend human rights that goes along with the privilege of having the ability, training, skills, resources - and access - to communicate.
  11. Reveal to the civilized world the true face of rising fascism and fanaticism in broad sections of the majority Hindu community in India that systematically targets and massacres minority populations like Muslims, Dalits and Christians.
  12. Make world press, human rights advocates and organizations and holders of political, economic and cultural power and resources around the world aware of the fact that they have an ongoing attempted genocide on their hands for the past half century and make them see that their silence and inaction, even at this late hour, is tantamount to tacit endorsement of it if not actual complicity in it.
  13. Make everyone everywhere realize that while everything everyone is doing to raise awareness and provide relief is most vital and important, nothing really is as pressing or important as focusing on the immediate and total cessation of these horrendous ongoing crimes against humanity; that the world has few items on its agenda more urgent or serious than this one; and that if we either cold-shoulder or soft-pedal it or pussyfoot around it, we will all stand indicted before God, history and our own conscience as accomplices in one of history's worst genocides and sagas of sustained ethnic cleansing.


Chapter 1
A Massacre by Any Other Name

Riot is a four-letter word.

And when it is used to characterize the organized and repetitive massacres of Muslims in India by battalions of fanatical Hindu mobs, that word is just about as obscene as any other word in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Therefore, when using the word riot to describe the massacre of Indian Muslims, some questions any intelligent human being needs to ask are these:

If this is a riot, what then is a massacre?

A pogrom?

A holocaust?

A genocide?

A crime against humanity?


What were the Nuremberg trials of Nazi criminals all about?

At the end of World War II?


Chapter 2
That which We Call a Riot:
What Is in A Word?

Some call it a communal riot.

Some call it communal violence.

Some even call it communal conflict.

Yet, there is nothing communal, kind, gentle or genial about the so-called communal riots in India.

In reality, it is a sordid euphemism. A trick-term for the carefully planned and meticulously carried out mass killings of India's minority Muslims by sections of India's majority Hindus.

And by their minions, patrons, protectors and representatives in the government.

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