India is now ruled by a fanatical Fascist Government headed by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Goodbye decades of celebrated Indian Democracy! So long, India’s vaunted Justice System! And that Fascist Indian Government and its Fanatical Hindu Base is encouraged, coddled and enabled…

The Massacres book is not like most other books you may have read, or even like any other book that Dr. Pasha may have written.

The book is almost a live, blow-by-blow chronicling of the gruesome reality of the Genocide of Indian Muslims that has been ongoing in India for over 75 years. 

Call the book Massacres a verbal videography of the repetitive massacres, and the most perverse pogroms, perpetrated on Indian Muslims in state after state and in city after city of India during and after independence.

One striking feature of the book is that it is written, throughout, without rancor or malice or hate. The tone of the book throughout is soft, sensible and moderate, considering the gruesome and diabolical nature of the reality that the book covers. 

And the overall approach of the book is not only conciliatory but also positive, pointing out how the Indian Outrages and Atrocities against Muslims, no matter how terrible, despicable and disgusting, can still be viewed in the context of the larger and fundamental human propensity to violence, oppression and injustice.

For, the true and lasting solution to all violence, no matter how brutal or cruel, and to all forms of oppression and injustice, no matter how sweeping or blatant, is one and the same. 

It is precisely what Islam advocates, and it is what Islam is really all about. 

And the essence of that approach is unvarnished truth at all times and unconditional and transparent justice for all, friends and foes, strangers and relatives.

It was this, the manifest Muslim character of overpowering honesty and integrity, fairness and justice, and not the so-called Sword of the Muslims, that really conquered the entire world for Islam. 

And that is also how Islam took hold of the Indian subcontinent, going back all the way to the Seventh Century of the Christian Era

To the best of our knowledge, there is no other book like Massacres: Hazards of Being a Minority in Modern India by Dr. Pasha. Read on and reflect!

Editorial Board
Dr. Pasha’s Centre for Culture and Community Service