[Chapter 46] One Final Word

Dec 23, 2010

Chapter 46
Still Working for Allah in the West: Theory and Methodology

One Final Word

One final word. That is right, still working for Allah, Wa Lillahil Hamdu Wat-Tamjeed!

Given all that I have said in this book thus far, what choice do we really have?

So, for those of us who understand this, there is no other alternative but to continue to work for Allah – now and forever. Even though some of us, and I put myself at the head of that list, may not measure up to the strict standards of working for Allah.

The point is, such as we are, we have to plod along. For, we have no other choice available to us. And while doing so, hopefully, we will continue to strive to make ourselves better workers for Allah – better Muslims and better believers; better husbands, wives, parents and children; better neighbors, friends, citizens and community members; and altogether better human beings.

And when we are done, the world we will leave behind – the world of our beloved Allah and his beloved Rasul – will be a better world – for all of Allah’s creation – for every single Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, man, woman, animal and plant.

That is what it means to work for Allah in the West – and to build a better world.

Still Working for Allah in the West: Theory and Methodology

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