Recent Events in Egypt: Who Is Paying the Piper? And Who Benefits?

Feb 1, 2013

Dr. Firdaus

We all have been monitoring the developments, at least through the internet news stories, of what comes out of Egypt. It is like a script from a book.

If people open their eyes and connect the dots, and think a bit, they must see, if Allah wants them to, of what's happening in Allah's special place on earth called Egypt.

It seems all of them in the so-called Opposition, and whoever else from wherever else, are 'ganging-up' as it were and making it impossible for Dr. Morsi and his Government to govern.

Painting Morsi and His Government in Worst Colors

In the process, they paint Dr. Morsi and his government in the most negative way possible.

The lesson is clear: For Muslims, it is one thing to win an election, but governance is another matter altogether.

For the Ikhwan and Dr. Morsi the message seems to be: The fact that you win an election is no guarantee that you will be allowed to govern.

Democracy has grades, it would seem: one for Muslims and one for everyone else.

"My brand is always the right and superior brand, when I win. And when I do not win, the same brand is now suddenly inferior and objectionable."

Ikhwan and Morsi Won the Election: Not Once but Many Times

Ikhwan and Dr. Morsi won election after election, each hailed by the whole world as the most free, fair and transparent in all of Egypt’s history: one for the People’s Assembly; one for the Upper House; one for the ratification of the Constitution; and so on. And they overcame every single hurdle placed in their way. And, at every level, their victory was as decisive and popular as can be imagined.

Yet, the losers, ALL of them, now gang up and demand a government of national unity!

If ever people take you for a fool, that is a prime example of it. And they are insisting on it too. And they have no shame or remorse.

What a Deadly and Dangerous Farce

What a farce this whole thing would be, if it were not so deadly and disastrous for Muslims and for the rest of the world – and for democracy and human rights in Egypt and everywhere.

Allah bless Dr. Morsi and his government for seeing it as it is and refusing to cave in. At least thus far. Apart from it being absurd and unfair, and possibly unconstitutional and even illegal, a so-called government of national unity at this stage is surely a recipe for disaster. It will spell the end of Dr. Morsi's government faster than you could say his name.

And that’s exactly what they want. They want Dr. Morsi’s presidency to fail and fall – no matter how it does.

Besides, if they are so boldly and blatantly uncooperative and hostile while they are in the so-called opposition, would they change if they are suddenly made part of the government?


If It Is Power You Want, Fight the Next Elections

If it is power and office that these people want, the right and the proper way to go about it is for them to convince the Egyptian People that they are worthy of their trust. And when the time comes, they will have a chance to see if the Egyptian People believe them.

Trying any other way to grab power is clearly undemocratic. That is the real issue that people must focus on.

The fact seems to be the Opposition is setting the agenda aided and abetted by their friends from afar. They are shifting the conversation and clouding the issues at every opportunity they get. 

It seems that their grouses have nothing to do with the governance issues and policies pursued by Dr. Morsi or his government. It is the very right of Dr. Morsi to be president and to govern that they keep focusing on.

But the majority of Egyptian People have already rejected them – several times over, in one election after another.

The Opposition Cannot Deal with Real Issues

But the point is this so-called Opposition cannot really allow the conversation to shift to the policies and governance and management issues. If they allow that to happen, they will have no chance the next time elections come around. They will be soundly whipped at the polls, because the Egyptian People can see right through their ruses and tricks.

So what they do instead is create instability by force, and curtail freedom by force, and they try to make the Government continually react to these issues rather than focus on managing the country.

Convincing Foreigners of Democratic Credentials

How insulting it must be for the Egyptian People that Dr. Morsi has to convince foreigners of his 'democratic credentials'!

And who are some of those foreigners he is trying to impress with Egypt’s commitment to Democracy? Among them is Germany?

Is that because Germany – a great country, absolutely, in many ways – has this rich legacy and history of being democratic?

Allahu Akbar! Others would say "Give me a break"!

Hands Tied behind Your Back and Lips Sealed

But Subhanallah, Dr. Pasha once told me that Muslims are out there with their hands tied behind their backs and their lips sealed, and they are still required to go fight the good and the honorable fight – the right way; for the right cause; using the best and the most right means and methods. Not one wrong gesture, nor one wrong word, are Muslims allowed to use, no matter how badly others treat them, and no matter what terrible lies others say about them.

No wonder Islam is as unstoppable as it is in every age and place.

Subhanallah. Alhamdulillah, Tabaarakallah, La ilaha illallah. Allahu Akbar. What else is there to say? 

Along Comes the “Neutral” Grand Islamic Scholar

And now one of the grand custodians of Islamic knowledge in the land of Egypt – and around the world – suddenly descends from his throne at al-Azhar and summons both Government and Opposition and instructs them to put an end to the violence.

How do you end violence when you are the victim?

By the way his highness and holiness, and the institution he heads, according to Reuters is "one of the few institutions still seen as neutral in a society that has become increasingly polarized."

Subhanallah. “Neutral” in the epochal fight of the Egyptian People for freedom, dignity and Democracy against one of the worst forms of tyranny and dictatorship known to man?

How do you manage that? And what kind of Islam is that?

However, last week, whatever the date was, the Azhar Shaikh invited the Ikhwan and the leaders of the so-called "Opposition," such as al-Barade'i, Amr Musa, Sabaheen, and others, to meet at Al-Azhar and got them all to sign a formal declaration rejecting violence and committing themselves to openly speak out against it.

Clearly, this was a step in the right direction. And hopefully, for the Shaikh of Azhar, a new beginning.

But those who are committed to destroy the Ikhwan and Islam in Egypt, and to do everything in their power to force Dr. Morsi to fail, to what extent these people will go in carrying out their evil plans, remains to be seen.

For, there are no laws or rules or limits for these people. They are totally dedicated to carrying out the plots hatched by certain Western and Muslim governments and Intelligence Agencies against Islam, Egypt, Ikhwan and Dr. Morsi.

Their Mandate from their Masters is: "KEEP IKHWAN AND MORSI -- AND ISLAM -- FROM SUCCEEDING"

And these traitors are single-mindedly dedicated to the implementation in Egypt of that Mandate.

May God help Dr. Morsi and his government – and the Egyptian People – and make it easy for them. 

One Simple Question: Who Benefits If Morsi Falls?

But you know, in the midst of all of this, there's one question no one seems to be asking: Who really is paying the piper? Who is financing all this?

And when you ask that question, you are then led to another question: Who has the finances and the deep pockets to back such vast mayhem at such a colossal scale?

And you are then led to yet another question which wraps everything up rather nicely: Who would benefit if Dr. Morsi and his Government were to fail in their task of governance?

The answers are obvious, aren't they?



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