When we do or say something, others watch. And they listen.

And, when we think, no one is watching or listening, Allah is.

That is the difference between faith and lack of faith — between being a Muslim and not being a Muslim.

As a result, all Muslims, at all times, must speak and act as if they are on Candid Camera all the time. 

And the whole world is watching their every move.

And the whole world is listening to them.

And when it may appear no one is around, and no one is seeing what we are up to, or hearing what we may be saying, then we must rest assured in the belief, and in the knowledge, that Allah is with us all the time.

Wherever, and in whatever situation, we may be.

Wa Huwa Ma’akum Ayinamaa Kuntum!

That is Qur’an.

And that being the case, we must always be mindful of God’s presence. And we must act appropriately.

And God deserves more respect than all the others. We need to be more mindful of his presence than we are of the presence of anyone else.

Here is a Hadith:

Wallahu Ahaqqu An Yustahyaa Minhu!


“Be responsible for everyone and everything – from the nearest to the farthest neighbour. And all humanity is your neighbours. From the closest relative to the one who is a total stranger and only related to you through the common drop of Adam’s blood. For, that is what humanity is: your blood family.

Learn to care for them; learn to be accountable for them and to them; work for them; sacrifice and suffer for them. Learn to treat all universe as one integrated unit. You will then know what it is to be a Muslim. For, that is what Islam is all about! And you will then be on the verge of knowing God, your creator.” (Dr. Pasha)

Taken from: Dr. Pasha’s All-Day Islamic Camp and Community Clean-up at Oldham 2003