God is one. Everyone knows that. Or, at least, they should.

So, the Qur’an says: “Say, God is One!”

Qul Huwallahu Ahad (112:1).

And then of course, if God is God, then he does not, should not, owe anything to anyone. He should not be beholden to or dependent on any one.

And the Qur’an says that too: Allahus Swamad (112:2).

So, that is who God is, our lord and master: Dhaalikumullahu Rabbukum (6:102; 10:3).

So, let us all join together in worshipping him – Fa’budoohu (6:102; 10:3).

A most beautiful message from the most beautiful Qur’an! (Dr. Pasha)

God is truly one. And he is truly one of a kind.

Here is how the Qur’an describes God: There is nothing like him.

The words of the Qur’an are: Laisa kamithlihee shaiy.

To me, that is self-evident.

For, if he is not one of a kind, and if there are two or three or 10 or 15 running around who are exactly like him, and who look, talk and walk like him, then why is he God?

In that case, all of them, each and every one of them, should be God, right? [...]

“Sometimes I think part of the resistance some people feel toward Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, comes from the fact that he did not claim to be God or Son of God. If he had done that, the world probably would have been in a stampede to bow down before him.

But him claiming to be God’s messenger on earth, and asking everybody to follow his example of super-uprightness, and obey God’s law of perfect truth, justice, equality and morality in all things, that is a tough sell.” (Dr. Pasha)