Success and Failure of a Believer

Apr 24, 2012

Success and Failure of a Believer

Dr. Pasha

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Part of Working for Allah – part of life in fact, because both things are the same: life as well as what we are calling Working for Allah – is that things don't always seem to go the way you want.

Some may see this as failure. And feeling of failure may lead to frustration.

But a Muslim never fails.

If things turn out the way he hoped and worked for – and planned for – a Muslim says "Alhamdulillah!" and moves forward.

But when things seem to turn out different, a Muslim says “Innaa Lillah!” and “Astaghfirullah!” and moves on: revising, retooling, rethinking and reimagining his plans and strategies and approaches.

That is who a Muslim is and that is what a Muslim does.

And a Muslim trusts in Allah all the time, regardless of whether things turn out the way he wants or different.

And a Muslim sees everything as part of Ibtilaa' – test – from Allah: success as well as failure.

Because a Muslim knows that God tests us sometimes by giving and some other times by taking away.

But a Muslim knows that if he is true, and shows Istiqamat and Sabr – perseverance and patience that is – and continues to look for solutions, Allah’s help will come.

And it will come sooner than anyone thinks.

A-laa inna nasrallahi qareeb, says Allah in the Qur’an.

Paraphrase: “Look here, all you: Surely Allah’s help is close at hand!”

However, for those with eyes to see, Allah’s help never left them. It was always there, enveloping them from every side.

What do you think Arrahmaan and Arraheem is about then?

And what do you think Kun-Fayakoon is about?

So, if you are a believer, try to live in the world of Arrahmaan and Arraheem.

And in the world of Kun-Fayakoon.


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