Sherlock Holmes would have had no difficulty in saying: “Elementary, my dear Abdullah!”

And it is: I mean “elementary” indeed.

I am referring to the fact that every Muslim man, woman and child must love the land of their birth and domicile.

That means the place they are born as well as the place where they live.

And they must love every piece of God Almighty’s earth, which he, explicitly and with great pomp and publicity, created for them.

The Qur’an makes it repeatedly clear that God created the earth and everything in and on it for them: for the entire human family.

So being good stewards and custodians of this earth and all things in it is a basic human requirement. […]

“When Ramadan comes, Muslims flock to Muslims asking for their Zakat money and soliciting all kinds of other donations from them for this or that charitable purpose.

This Ramadan, I come to you asking for a very different kind of favor: Try as hard as you can to be the best Muslim you can be, and the best human being you can be, and then hold on to what you learn in this blessed month of Ramadan when Ramadan takes its leave in the next few days.

I am not asking you to give your money to us. Instead, I am asking you this Ramadan to give your life to the one who gave it to you in the first place: God Almighty.

That means, this Ramadan, make a commitment to spend the rest of your life – regardless of whether you are young or old, man or woman – in loving God and serving humanity.

If you just did that, what a beautiful world you would build!” (Dr. Pasha)

What most people forget is that no part of this life, and nothing whatsoever that they have in this life, is theirs to begin with. Someone gave it all to them. God Almighty: that is who gave it to them. And he did so free of charge.

So, if people today take a few moments from that life that God gave them and return those few moments to the original owner in the form of service to God and his creation, they want appreciation for that? Or they want what the Brits would call a Vote of Thanks? Or they want a statue set up in their honor to commemorate their kindness and generosity?

I don’t get it. I can be very generous too with someone else’s money.