Good Muslims go to mosque, engage in community activities, and stay away from bad things -- what in Islam will be called Munkaraat.

Well, Bad Things -- things Muslims should not be doing.

But often Good Muslims' list of Mukaraat is partial and one-sided. It generally leaves out some critical items -- well, items like...

You sure you want me to mention them? I don't want to upset you. 

But if you insist, just let me give one or two items and leave it at that.

Good Muslims' list of Munkaraat may often leave out a few things like Personal Arrogance.

One catch-all expression -- taken directly from the Qur'an -- is Hawaa!

And doing things for show and name and fame. Islam calls it 'Ujb and Sum'ah and Riyaa'.

As a result, many Good Muslims end up being what a good friend called Mosque Managers..

And they become Jama'at Presidents and Community Leaders.

And in doing this, they become the Gatekeepers for Islam and Muslims. Their job then becomes keeping new ideas and new leadership from coming to the fore in the Muslim community.

Thus, they become the Guardians and Keepers of the Islamic gates and citadels.

Call them the Keepers of the Status Quo if you will. 

As such, they lord it over the Muslim masses -- regardless of whether or not they are even aware they are doing it -- keeping the Muslims in darkness and doubt and keeping Islam from breaking out.


Don't be surprised by what I am about to say now.

When you look around, when you travel, when you try and contact people, when you make all kinds of efforts, and get in touch with those who you think are people in positions of leadership of some kind or level among Muslims, this is the sad and heartbreaking reality you are likely to encounter:

They don't seem to care who you are or what you do. They seem to be so caught up in who they are and what they are doing, they seem to have no time to spare for you.

Nor do they seem to have a shred of attention they could bestow upon you.

Part of this is simple human deviance and limitation. Human egos grown too fat and native human intelligence and sensitivity gone dull, dumb and deaf.

Or merely myopic self-interest taken to an extreme.

But, at the same time, make a note of this, part of it also is by design. It is a part of deep deliberation and careful planning in quarters that seem to wish to control the world and shape human destiny.

That means, certain people have been trained and groomed to act a certain way and then they have been foisted in positions of leadership among Muslims.

The basic idea is to keep Muslims spinning in a series of never-ending circles and to keep the Muslim Ummah from regenerating itself and going forward.

While other parts of the world are not exempt, nowhere is this diseased phenomenon more manifest than what Muslims generally refer to as the West.


While Iman could be a condition of your heart, Islam is all about discipline. Consequently, in a very real sense, there is no Islam without adherence to a Jama'at and commitment to a leadership.

That is why Islam demands that you, first of all, elect your leadership and, next, choose the best among you to be your leaders.

Thereafter, Islam demands that you hold your leaders, as well as each other, accountable, both in public and private.


To a lot of Muslims engaged in leadership activities in this world I wish to say this: Do keep in mind that there is Life after Death.

While this earthly life will pass, Life after Death will stay forever.

Therefore, even as you engage in pursuing your leadership dreams in this world, do not for one moment take your eye off that other life: Life after Death.

One simple way of making sure you do that is to keep your motives and intentions as pure as you possibly can.

Even though human actions are almost always creatures of mixed motivations, our test as true Muslims is the extent to which we struggle to make our motives pure.

The other test is to always try and speak the truth – to say the right thing, to the extent we can – even as we struggle, against all kinds of odds, to do the right thing.

When people try to hedge or muddle their speech to cover up or rationalize their confused or misguided actions, it is the beginning of a slippery slope that descends directly in damnation in Life after Death.


(Dr. Pasha)