I am going to say something, I don't know how many people will get it right.

It is a very delicate thing. But say it I must. For, clarity of thinking is the key to Islam.

And we undertook our work at IslamicSolutions.Com, as well as atPasha Hour International, I don't know how many years ago, keeping in mind a very simple goal : To make some very, very simple, basic and elementary things clear.

So, proceeding from that point, we must continue to provide what we believe to be the proper perspective on what people call "Islam" in relation to what is generally considered "life."

So, from this point of view, the "distractions" that Shaitan causes in "life" -- yes, blame everything on Shaitan -- are more serious, urgent and dangerous than the "distractions" that Shaitan causes during Salaator Namaz.

It is failure to understand this basic and simple truth about Islam and life that has made many Muslims what they are -- and made our world what it is today.

For, as the Muslims are, so the world of Allah will be.

So, Muslims, fix your life, your Salaat will fix itself.

So long as you are living with us, in this world, on this planet, enjoying what is called a good and normal "life."


It is amazing how Muslims continue to play the games they do. But why is that a surprise? 

That is how people are. And Muslims are nothing if not people.

Even though, in many instances, there may be more to the Games Muslims Seem to Play than would meet the eye.

Try to look for the invisible fingers of Shaitan -- the Devil -- and the more visible hand of the human agents and cronies of the Devil behind Muslim action. 

That will often shine a blinding light on a good bit of what many Muslims may appear to be up to -- as individuals, groups, organizations, governments and societies.

And help you to figure out what exactly is going on in the world. 


People say all kinds of things about Islam -- and Muslims. 

By "people" here I mean all of the following groups and individuals:

those who don't know much about Islam; 
those who harbor all kinds of prejudices against Islam;
those who don't like Islam for whatever reason; 
And those who fear and hate Islam -- again, for their own reasons.

As well as all those who have a bone to pick with Muslims.

And those who covet Muslim lands and resources.

And those who grudge Muslim power and influence in the world.

And those who want to turn Muslim societies into slave plantations -- more than they already are.

And those who fear that if real and true Muslims rise in the world, that would mean the end of their corrupt ways in the world.

And the end of their reign and regime of oppression and domination in the world.

And all those who see Muslim societies -- and populations -- as nothing but mere consumers, and as "markets" for their goods and as sources of unlimited wealth and profit for themselves. 

And for their own "kind" of people. That is:

For their own countries.
For their own race.
For their own religion.
For their own political ideology and grouping and block.
For their own region of the world.
And for their own whatever.

Keeping all this in mind, here is my very simple definition of Islam for today. 

And that special definition is:

"Islam is exercising utmost care and caution in everything."

And who is a Muslim then?

A Muslim is one who does exactly that. Meaning: 

"A Muslim is one who exercises utmost care and caution in everything he or she does or says."

Just see below how clear and emphatic -- and how definitive and unassailable -- the Qur'an is on this subject!

Hear the Qur'an say it in its own words:

Innassam'a Wal-Basara Wal-Fu-aada Kullu Ulaa-ika Kaana 'Anhu Mas-oola!


"On the Day of Judgment, in the presence of God Almighty, every man and woman will be closely scrutinized and questioned concerning all that their ears, their eyes and their hearts were busy thinking, saying and doing in this world."


First of all, the word is "converts," not "reverts."

Converts is simple English -- queen's or every English speaker's.

Reverts is mumbo-jumbo and part of new English-speaking Muslim contortionism.

American converts over the past four decades have done their bit, and I will leave it at that. Some of the damage some of them did is, well, irreversible.

But Allah does act in ways that to us mortals may appear mysterious and unfathomable. So, who knows how things will turn out.

For, I don't see America being abandoned by God in a hurry. And that is despite some of the most egregious things America allows herself to do locally and internationally.

In some ways, the good clearly outweighs the bad. But who is to tell.

I am a Muslim and America to me is home. And that is where it stops. So, the options are: pray for America and hope.

And work ceaselessly and tirelessly to help wherever and however one can.

Hope that the good will rise up and shine and inflict crushing defeat after crushing defeat on the bad.

And the damage at least some new Muslim converts did in and to America, and to Islam and Muslims and the world, they did it with full complicity and patronage from the "native" or "heritage" type Muslims, most of them from Indo-Pak region or the Middle East, many of them with an ingrained colonial mindset and inferiority complex.

The UK converts seem to be a lot smarter. Mostly white, with some black faces bringing up relief. Many of them female.

For one, many of them seem to be after Islam, and not Muslims. And many of them seem to come from some kind of a university background.

And many of them seem to have a life outside Islam. A seemingly normal, functioning, productive life that does not seem dependent on sucking up energy, sustenance and resources from Muslims and in the name of Islam.

And many of them seem to have figured out how to navigate the troubled and turbulent waters of British "native" or "heritage" type Muslims.

There was a time I used to worry about them: what Muslims would do to them. Now it seems no one needs to worry. For, the British converts to Islam seem perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.

And also of making an impact on society around them.

Is this a breath of fresh air? It certainly appears to be so.

Does this augur well for Islam, Muslims and the world? Who can tell.

I don't know if Muslims are in the business of keeping their fingers crossed. Or if they are allowed to do that. If you ask me, they certainly must try and err on the side of hope and optimism.

I for one am going to allow myself the luxury of saying:

Thank you brothers and sisters of the UK Muslim community who have made a conscious and rational decision to embrace Islam!

Welcome home and God bless you!

I am going to talk myself into waiting for good and great things to come from where you are.


Being Muslim is no license to abuse the English language.

I am not an English teacher. Nor am I an expert on the English language. But I suppose I have enough sense of the English language to be able to tell – in most cases at least – what sounds and what does not sound right to the ear.

Nor do I believe in handing over the English language to Her Majesty the Queen and waiting around to do her bidding whenever I have to speak it. You know, speaking “Queen’s English”?

The fact is English is my language. I have been speaking it from the time I was little. I am hesitating to call it my Mother Tongue because my mother did not speak it, even though my father did -- may Allah bless them both.

It is also the language my children and my students speak. And I am always on their case, trying to correct them, not that anyone listens to me, if not the way they speak, at the least the way they write.

So, you want to call me, in some ways, a Minder of the English Tongue, be my guest and go right ahead and do it.

So, given all that background, and all those disclaimers and caveats, there are things about the way the English language gets used by some Muslims that I object to. Take, for example, the expression some Muslims use about non-Muslims “Reverting” to Islam.

“Accepting Islam,” sure!

“Embracing Islam,” why not?

“Converting?” Sounds just about right.

“But 'Reverting’ to Islam”? That is where I see a problem.

Revert” in the English language, I suspect, is returning to a “prior” state of some kind. So, what exactly are you saying when you say that a non-Muslim “reverted” to Islam?

Are you saying that this individual was somehow a “Muslim” before, in some kind of a “previous life,” then fate took him or her and dumped them in the lap of non-Islam, and now, due to God’s infinite mercy, of course, that person has gone back – “reverted” – to his or her original state of being, which, these people seem to say, was Islam.

In other words, that person “returned or 'Reverted’” to the original state of Islam after a bit of a detour. Am I reading that right?

The fact is, this stuff about one’s “previous life” sounds more Hindu to me than Muslim or Islamic. You know, reincarnation and all that.

Islam or not, what this thing is not is English. This is not English, period.

This is a linguistic monstrosity born of who knows what kind of ego-trips on whose part – and for what mysterious reasons. Are people supposed to somehow feel better that they were “Muslim” in some previous state of their existence? And now they have gone back to the way they were once upon an existence?

Applies to Abu Lahab, Abu Jahal, everybody, right?

As for its being Islam, it is more Mumbo-Jumbo of the kind Islam tends to shun and steer people away from than it is Islam.

Bringing in all that stuff about “Every child is born on Fitrah” and God asking the souls “Am I not Your Rabb?” and they all saying, “Of course, you are!” raises more questions than it answers.

I mean in this particular context. I am not questioning the validity of the relevant A-Haadeeth – plural for Hadith.

Ma’adhallah: Heaven Forbid!

So, whatever Islam some of these special Muslims seem to practice or believe in, the English language they need to learn to use is the one that everyone else uses – the Queen and all the rest of us non-Ma'adhallah-royals.

And that common usage would suggest that when people change their “religion” or faith, they are just “converting,” not Mumbo-Jumbo “reverting.”

Get it?

(Dr. Pasha)

"Shaitan has such a hold on so many of us Muslims that we lose all kinds of perspective on God, on Islam, on the Qur'an, on the Prophet, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, and on our role and place in this world.

As a result, we run around doing and saying things we should not, and at the same time not doing and not saying things that we should.

And when we do and say the things we are supposed to, we do that without much regard to how to do or say them right.

And then we complain that so many things are wrong with us.

May Allah have mercy on the Ummat of Sayyidina Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

Allahummarham Ummata Muhammadin, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam."

(Dr. Pasha)

There are many Non-Muslims who clearly understand how those dictators in Muslim lands are thieves and crooks, and how they brutalize the People and pillage and squander their wealth.

And how in many cases they are doing the bidding of their foreign masters and mentors to the detriment of the genuine interests and needs of their own people, nations, societies and region.

Now it seems Allah is getting rid of some of these dictators and tyrants on his own.

Out of the blue sky, as they say.

Miracles of cataclysmic social and political change are sweeping what the Colonial Masters and their dutiful slaves call the “Middle East,” right before our eyes.

Everybody else can see that – including many non-Muslims. Why can’t the Muslims?

I suspect, Allah will judge us, not so much by where our bodies were, in the mosque or in the market.

But more perhaps by where our hearts were, with the Tyrants or with the People.