1. Not Just “Faith,” but Also Intelligence: That Is What People Need
  2. And a Judicious Dose of Common Sense
  3. But Who Are The Smart Ones? Let the Qur’an Tell Us
  4. If that Is Not Smart, What Is?
  5. “Religion” vs. Science: Not Islam’s Problem!
  6. In Islam, ‘Aqeedah Is No More Than Seven Words
  7. A Problem Mostly Before and Outside Islam
  8. Islam vs. Modernity? Islam Is As Modern As Tomorrow!
  9. Islam vs. Muslims: Some Examples
  10. Washing Hands is One of Them
  11. How About a Bit of Circumcision, Boys?
  12. It Is Not Really about Issues and Principles, Is It?
  13. How Christianity Embraced Islam And No One Heard a Word about It
  14. “Religion”: A Matter of Mysteries
  15. Science: A Matter of Reality
  16. Islam: Knowledge from Above and Knowledge from Below
  17. “Read!” Islam’s Very First Commandment
  18. Worldly Education Is a Key Requirement of Islam
  19. Science and Revelation: Two Complementary Paths to Reality – And Truth
  20. Islam Is Not “Religion,” It Is Wahy
  21. Qur’an: Guidance for All Time
  22. The Miracle of Washing Hands
  23. Islam Is Science without Error And Science Is Islam with an Error Component Added to It
  24. Science Is Human, Wahy Is Divine
  25. Limitations of Science
  26. Wahy — Islam — to the Rescue
  27. Science and Wahy (Revelation): An Integrated Model
  28. Qur’an Challenges People to Think
  29. In Islam Science = Religion = Truth = Islam = Haqq = Reality
  30. Sacred-Secular: A False Dichotomy
  31. Islam and the Distinction of Sacred and Secular
  32. Islam Means End to All Forms of Tyranny over the “Mind of Man”
  33. Besides Intelligence, You Also Require Integrity, Courage and Humility
  34. Everything about Islam, Muslims and the Qur’an Is a Miracle
  35. God Judges People Based on Their Attitude to Truth
  36. How Can You Love God and Fear Truth?