Ladies & Gentlemen:

I see no difference between a classroom and a baseball field, or tennis or basketball court or a swimming pool.

Do you? I don’t. To me, they are all the same: places for toiling mightily – and excelling and winning.

If life is a sport, excellence is the name of the game.

And to me excellence is not an abstract idea, it is a concrete plan. It is about winning games and delivering results. It is about beating the odds.

Odds are the “enemy.” Beating them is what life – any sport – is all about.

Beating odds is what you go to college to prepare and get the training and skills for.


(Dr. Pasha)

June 1, 2012: World Day of Education

Everyone is graduating from everywhere. It is that season again.

All over the world, it is graduation season. And what a blessed, happy season it is.

In this happy graduation season, we call on the world, all people all over the world, whether Muslim or non-Muslim, and whether they are male or female, to celebrate the 1st of June every year as WORLD DAY OF EDUCATION.

Along with everything else that they celebrate.

Let us start out with June 1, 2012 as our first WORLD DAY OF GRADUATION. […]

“Here is what I expect everyone would know about Islam: The foundation of Islam is “Thinking,” “Reasoning” and “Asking Questions.”

Now, how many religions teach those things as the foundation of their faith, I do not know. But please don’t tell the Muslims I said any of this.” (Dr. Pasha)