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Muslims just don’t get it, do they? 

What is happening in Egypt these days — and it has been happening there for a very long time — is an attempt to wipe out Islam and turn the so-called Middle East into a slave plantation.

More than it already is.

They are trying to do in the beginning of the 21st century the same thing to Islam and Muslims using thugs like Sisi, Amr Musa, Baradei and others that they did to Islam and Muslims in the beginning of the 20th Century using Lawrence of Arabia, Faisal and other thugs.

Same actors, same Alliance of Evil, same game, same purpose, same results.

Everyone knows this. Only, those who call themselves Muslims haven’t a clue about what is going on. Or even what planet they are on.

Their answer to the problem: Make a couple of extra Hajj and things will be Hunky-Dory.

Or top that off with more “Halal” Meat and “Islamic” Finance!


World War II: No Independence for Muslims

Much of the world was enslaved and occupied by foreign slave masters until before World War II. End of World War II brought independence to many lands and peoples of the world, including India, but not the Muslims. Muslims had to wait for decades to breathe the air of freedom in their own lands.

Many of the Muslims are fighting for their most basic human and political rights even today. The Islamic uprisings sweeping parts of the Muslim world are an attempt by Muslims to win their independence – over 65 years to the end of World War II, when everyone else got their independence.[…]

On Friday, April 20, Ikhwan, and other good people of Egypt, came out on Tahrir Square, Cairo, a million strong to jump start their teetering Democracy Revolution.

They were “demanding” the Egyptian Military Council SCAF keep its promise of handing over power to civilian representatives of the Egyptian People by the end of June, and return to barracks.

The Ikhwan – and the great Egyptian People – must beware of the enemy. […]

There is still a strong possibility that Egypt’s Ruling Generals, Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) as they call themselves, and their Colonial paymasters will find a way to scuttle the Egyptian Revolution by rounding up the “Usual Suspects.”

Should they decide to do that, they will select from a litany of lies available to them to explain and justify their traitorous misdeeds.

Otherwise, how does anyone with half a brain explain the fact that SCAF wants to wield a Veto Power on nationally elected civilian government?

In any civilized society that would be reason for arresting and trying those military officers for high treason. But in post-Mubarak Egypt, run by Mubarak’s most loyal Defense Minister of 20 years, it is business as usual.

Evidently, that is a cheap lesson SCAF learned from the Manual the Turkish Military seems to have successfully used for nearly a century to subjugate the Turkish People to one of the worst tyrannies in modern history.

But that depends on how the Generals in Egypt read the public mind, whether or not the Egyptian People will roll over and play dead – like they did for nearly 100 years.

But, evidently, the Generals seem to sense – and their Colonial Masters no doubt advised them to that effect – the Gini of a Free Egyptian People is not likely to be corralled back into the Bottle any time soon. […]

Syed Husain Pasha

“The eventful year of 2011 is fading fast and the dawn of 2012 is about to break.

The world is abuzz with talk about Islam and Democracy. And people, good people, everywhere, are busy patching one to the other.

They seem to think that somehow the time has come to concoct a brew containing both ingredients: Islam as well as Democracy.

The allure is irresistible.

And the drums of Democracy are rolling around the world, including the Muslim world.

But Muslims have their own special way, as they often boast, of doing things. And doing Democracy is no exception.

But Muslims’ way of doing things is nothing if not remarkable, or, should we say interesting.

Mindboggling may not be too strong an expression.

And often, it has very little to do with reality, logic or common sense.

As for science, Muslims chased that Cinderella from their home and habitat a long time ago.

As a result, in Muslim culture, and in Muslim lands, it seems to be generally the foxes that guard the henhouses. 

And it is absolute Muslim monarchs, and other sundry tyrants and dictators, that dole out democracy to their subjects in ways and quantities – and as per the schedule and framework – they and their sycophantic and traitorous native advisers and former colonial foreign masters see fit.

And they have at their beck and call hosts of religious hirelings to put their seal of approval on these moves and keep the gullible and oppressed Muslim masses quiet and subdued.

But you cannot say Muslims do not have a sense of humor, or even a sense of irony. 

Muslims often seem to do things in ways that makes you want to burst out laughing.

That is when you have run out of tears to cry over the sorry plight of the poor, poor, poor Muslim men, women and children groaning under the yoke of some of the most barbaric and brutal oppression known to history.

Take Egypt for example, which is a country of roughly 83 million people today.

The tragic and benighted land of Egypt has been ground to dust under the heel of one repressive military dictatorship after another for nearly 60 years.

Today, the march to Democracy in Egypt will now be headed and supervised by a body that calls itself The Supreme Military Council, what else.

And that Supreme Military Council of Egypt is headed by a man who calls himself not just a General, but a “Field Marshal” – a title given to him by General Husni Mubarak who used to be the Military Dictator of Egypt for over 30 years before him.

Field Marshal Tantawi served the former Military Dictator Husni Mubarak for 20 years as his most loyal and faithful Defense Minister.

This is the man, and the other generals in cahoots with him in the Supreme Military Council, who will now preside over Egypt’s transition from 60 years of the most tyrannical military dictatorship to freedom and democracy!

As someone said: Go Figure!” (Dr. Pasha)