The biggest challenge before those Working for Allah is to understand Islam. 

That is right, the biggest hurdle to Islam is not failure to “practice,” as Muslims like to call it, but failure to “understand.” 

That is the tragedy that has befallen the Muslim World today: failure to know exactly what Islam is in modern times and how to conduct oneself as Muslim in our world today…

Allah designed Islam as an Operating System by which his world will work.

He also gave it to Adam and his progeny as a toolkit with which they could run their mandate as Khalifah on earth — run the affairs of the world.

Muslims, following earlier people, turned Islam into a supernatural thing. And packed Allah’s earth with all kinds and grades of Islamic “Priests.”

A system that came from Heaven to set humanity on earth free from the tyranny of priests, ends up as a toy in the hands of its own “priests”?

That is, people who pass themselves out as “Islamic Priests“? Can you believe that?

And whom their followers — so many among “The People” — accept and support in that role: the role of “Islamic Priests”?

What kind of Zulm is this? And what kind of price will Muslims pay for this Zulm?

Don’t be surprised if Shaitan is laughing all the way to Hell — Jahannam.


Some people may not like what I am about to say, but say it I must. For, Islam is saying the right thing, no matter how the dice roll, as gamblers will say, a practice severely denounced by Islam.

Why don’t you check out the Aayat: Idh Yulqwoona Aqwlaamahum Ayyuhum Yakfulu Maryam.

Don’t ask me what the connection is or what it means. Figure all that out for yourself.

So, what I wish to say is this:

As Muslims – my eternal friends of course, as they and I go back a long way – embark upon the grueling task of recreating their decadent or losing cultures into winning ones, they must learn the new ways from one of two places: Islam or the best of Corporate Culture.

In some ways, in the end, they are both the same, incredible as this may sound.

But if Muslims will not learn from the one or the other, then they will happily, or most likely unhappily, continue their wallowing in the losing ways of decadence and degeneracy.

The big difference is, learning the winning ways of a new culture directly from Islam comes with all kinds of blessings attached to it.

There are people in this world, I am not going to go into details about who they are, or what they do, but suffice it to say they focus on one or two of God’s teachings in the Qur’an, or about Islam, and try to make a big deal out of it.

Their approach seems to be: Oh, Islam is so nice and Qur’an is so great, …, but if only Islam did not have this one bad teaching, or if only the Qur’an did not contain this one problem “verse,” then how perfect Islam would be, and how great the Qur’an would be.

As it happens, I know these folks. I know who they are and I understand what moves and motivates them. That is why when these folks tell me to jump, unlike all good Muslims, I say: “Excuse me!?”

That gets their attention. And when they repeat their demand and say: “Jump!” I ask them, with a straight face of course: “And what will you give me in return?”

Their faces are worth seeing when I ask them that question. Their faces turn purple and every color of the rainbow.

They stop bothering me after that.

Here is an example of what I am talking about. I present it in the form of a conversation – between me and them.

They: “Qur’an is great, right?”

Me: “Of course, it is. Can’t you see?”

They: “Of course. Of course. The Qur’an is great. Perfect in every way. But…”

Me: “But what?”

They: “What do we do with this one ‘verse’ that seems to be a problem ‘verse’? It simply does not fit with the rest of the beauty and perfection of the Qur’an.”

Me: “Soooo?”

They: “So? You have to tell us what to do with this verse? How to reconcile it with the rest of the Qur’an? And with the demands of modernity, rationality, ethics, women’s rights and stuff?”

Me: You don’t like that ‘verse,’ as you call it, correct?”

They: “The ‘verse’ does seem to present a problem, you must admit.”

Me: “Simple.”

They: “Simple? How?”

Me: “Yes, simple. Delete that ‘verse’ and proceed with the rest of the Qur’an.”

They: “Delete the ‘verse’? How? How can you do that?”

Me: “Oh, just think God made a mistake. For once. I am afraid the ‘verse’ did not come out the way God really meant it to.”

They: “What are you saying? How can a ‘verse’ be other than what God meant it to be? How can God make a mistake?”

Me: “You know. Everyone is entitled to one mistake. So, this one is God’s. Why don’t you forgive him this once? And then take the rest of what he says in the Qur’an seriously?”

Like I said, you should see their faces. A sight to behold, really.


Those without Taharah — being technically clean — are not allowed to enter the Qur’an. Pure and simple.

That is God’s law.

Laa Yamassuhoo Illal Mutahharoon.

No one shall touch the Qur’an except the ones who have been thoroughly cleansed.

Implication: No one shall be allowed to get inside the sanctuary of the Qur’an except those who meet the condition of complete cleanliness.

Tat-heer is the word. It means being subjected to thorough purification.

In today’s world — and by most standards — Muslims are the ones who meet that requirement. They undertake formal ablution, what Muslims may call “Ritual Ablution” — (Washing Up and also Bathing as required) before they approach the Qur’an.

So, Muslims are the ones with the clearance and the wherewithal to get inside the Qur’an.

It is anyone’s guess what they will do to or with the Qur’an once they are inside.

And here is something all of us must remember. And make no mistake about it: What anyone attempts to do to and with the Qur’an is exactly what the Qur’an will do to and with that person — multiplied by infinity.

My hands are shaking at the enormity of this thought as I try to write it down.

(Dr. Pasha: Inspired by a comment by Dr. Firdaus)

“Among the most serious challenges facing Islam and Muslims today is the professionalization of Islam and Muslims by career seekers who use Allah’s Deen and its followers to make a buck.

Instead of going out and getting an education and a degree; finding a job; setting up an honest business; and making a living that way, some of these folks find it easier and more profitable to turn Islam and Muslims into a career path for themselves.

Many of them, many new converts to Islam among them, thus become preachers and teachers of Islam: to Muslims, mind you, not to Non-Muslims.

The result often is a disaster for Islam, Muslims and the world.

May Allah save his world from these pseudo sheikhs and traders in Islam and Muslims!” (Dr. Pasha)

It was several decades ago when the late Maherul Qadri wrote his beautiful and evocative poem he called Qur’an ki Faryaad.

Paraphrase: “Complaint of the Qur’an.”

The basic theme of the poem was something like this:

They love me and they kiss me;

They honor me and they revere me;

And in silken mantles do they bundle me;

But they wait for death to strike them,

Before they ever read me.

Oh, how long on the shelf do they forget me,

To gather dust, as if they never ever see me; […]