Allahu Akbar! What a glorious Deen this is. Everything about it proclaims, in the loudest and clearest terms, that it is not a human concoction, but it is entirely, and in every detail, of Divine Making.

Don’t demean and distort this Divine Gift in your hands by calling it a “Religion,” as practically every non-Muslim does, and as most English-speaking Muslims do – no matter how much anyone tells them not to do so.

This Deen of Islam is an entire Way of Life – for lack of a better expression or word combination –and Operating System that God Almighty fashioned to run his entire Creation by.

It is what you may call the manifestation and realization of God Almighty’s Will in the Universe.

That is what Islam is.

God proclaimed, loud and clear, that so far as he was concerned, there was only one Valid Way, of being and of doing things right and properly for all his Creation, and that was Islam.

He said in the Most Glorious Qur’an:

Innaddeena ‘Indallahil Islam!

God Almighty, then, sent that Divine Way of Life down to earth to help human beings to teach and help them to shape and run their own earthly life.

And he sent that Divine Way of Life at the hands of his chosen prophets and messengers, may God bless them all, whom he sent to different People at different times and places.

These blessed divine prophets and messengers then preached, taught, practiced and modeled that Divine Way of Life for their followers and all others.

In every age and place, these blessed prophets and messengers of God showed their people – and the world at that time – how to practice and implement that Divine Way of Life in their own lives and in their societies and communities.

God Almighty, thereafter, sent down that same timeless and ageless Deen, in its most perfect and completed form, to the entire world, for all times to come, at the hands of his most beloved Final Prophet and Last Messenger, Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

“Today have I perfected for you your Deen,” he said. “And today have I completed my gifts and blessings upon you.”

His immortal words in the Most Glorious Qur’an read as follows:

Al-Youma Akmaltu Lakum Deenakaum,
Wa Atmamtu ‘Alaikum Ni’amatee.

And, he said:

“And well-pleased am I today to proclaim Islam to be your Deen and your chosen Pathway of Life.”

His words in the Most Glorious Qur’an are:

Wa Radiytu Lakumul Islama Deena!

And the following words and expressions are an indelible part of that Islam – and that Qur’an – that God Almighty gave to the world:

Al-Muslimeena Wal Mislimaat Wal Mu’mineena Mu’minaat.

For anyone with an open mind and a true heart, these words alone should make them a Muslim. They should drag them, Willy-Nilly, to the doorstop of the Qur’an and into the embrace of Islam.

Let me, therefore, pose this very serious and straight question to those non-Muslims – and others – hunting for Heaven and for Truth in their hundred different ways:

“Are you even serious?

Or is this some kind of a game you seem to be playing?”

“Is this an Ego-Trip of some kind or is it a genuine, take-no-prisoners type of, search-to-the-finish for God and for God’s Truth and Guidance in your life and in the world?”

“Fourteen hundred years – fourteen long centuries – before the rest of the world woke up to any of it, here is a man, without any education or training of any kind, proclaiming in the loudest and clearest voice a most magnificent truth about not only “Those Men who submit to God,” but also about “Those Women who submit to God.”

“And that leaves you cold? And causes no stir in your breast or storm in your brain? I find it hard to believe?”

“And you say You Are Serious?”

“And then the same uneducated man, still sitting in the middle of that same most forbidding desert, far away from any of the known seats of civilization such as Rome, Persia, China or India, goes on to proclaim the same glorious truth, once again, about not only ‘Believing Men’ but also about ‘Believing Women?’”

“All in the same breath?”

“And that does nothing for you? And that means nothing to you?

I am sorry, but I just cannot believe it.”

Because, no matter how you look at it, for anyone who may be genuinely and seriously and sincerely looking for a Pathway to God Almighty, the following words alone should be enough to tell them where to go, and what to look for, and what pathway to follow:

Al-Muslimeena Wal Muslimaat, Wal Mu’mineena Wal Mu’minaat.”

Let me remind you:

These words are at least 1400 years old on the face of this earth. They are now – and forever shall remain – exactly as they came out of the blessed mouth of Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, 14 centuries ago. 

Before that, these words were and are part of God Almighty’s divine and most blessed speech in the timeless and eternal Qur’an.

So, maybe, it is time, and it is an added impetus, for all those looking for a Pathway to God and to Truth to do some serious soul searching and ask:

“How can I allow this to happen? How can I allow this most amazing miracle, and this greatest wonder of all wonders, to pass by me without taking a closer look at it?”

Says the Most Glorious Qur’an:

“God Almighty guides those who turn to him seriously and earnestly.”

Wa Yahdee Ilaihi Man Yuneeb!

And while you are at it, also please check out that entire Aayat: the rest of that most miraculous passage of the Qur’an. For, that is what an Aayat means: a Most Miraculous Thing.

And if even that does nothing for you, and if you cannot see how that Aayat is a living miracle in your own hands, then, may God have mercy on you.

And on all of us.


(Dr. Pasha)

I am saying miraculous because I have no other word in the English language to describe it. It is so amazing, what I am about to talk about, and stupendous and so absolutely unbelievable that I don’t know what else to call it.

I am talking about the human face.

As for using the expression design, that is simple. Because, design is what it is no matter how you look at it. […]

But why not?

You have had questions.

And you have been looking.

Should we say for quite some time?

And you never quite got the answers that would go to your heart, answers that will give you real satisfaction.

I mean answers that will bring real joy and comfort to you.

And all this time, you have been looking and looking and looking.

You have done your research and your reading. And you have even done your talking to people.

All of that is as it should be. That is what we are supposed to do as human beings: look and search and ask questions.

That is what Islam teaches us to do. In fact, that is what Islam is all about: Asking questions and looking for answers. […]


  • Qur’an refers to animals as nations and societies just like you.
  • The Qur’an 1400 years old on this earth, verbatim still in our hands.
  • God exists because you exist.
  • Spirit of freedom in the West.
  • Islam means freedom.
  • Islam and freedom, same thing.
  • Biggest lie about Islam: “Muslims forced everybody to become Muslims.”
  • You need a basic foundation of human freedom, personal choice and human dignity on which you erect the pillars of Islam.
  • When Muslims mess up, the world will be a mess.
  • Why are the Muslims killing Muslims?
  • Why all the violence?
  • Hundreds and thousands killed just for wanting to be free.
  • Beautiful prayer by Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, just like everyone of his other prayers: 
    “Dear God make me small in my own eyes and make me big in the eyes of others.”
  • Showing love and patience to the younger people.
  • Examples of Mosques. Examples of others.
  • “Greet people who you know and greet those who you don’t know.”  Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. Say something nice.
  • Basis of discrimination towards others.
  • Dealing with people is dealing with God.
  • Bargaining with God and the arrogance people show, an example of a room in paradise.
  • A formula of how to treat people right.
  • Connection between Jesus and Muhammad, Alaihimassalam.
  • “They are not part of us, those who don’t show respect to those who are older than them and those who don’t show compassion to those who are younger than them” Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.


  • We are not prisoners of a narrow view of what people call religion, but we look at Islam the way the Qur’an presents it to us and how God Almighty suggests what Islam really is, and how Prophet Muhammad, sallahu alahi wa sallam, showed us what it is.
  • Islam and the laws of nature, and universe.
  • Human beings subject to the laws of God.
  • Different levels, forms and phases of Islam.
  • Freedom of choice to believe or reject belief in God Almighty.
  • Oxymoron in trying to prove the existence of God.
  • Why you can’t prove the existence of God – because God is whose existence you can’t prove.
  • The essence of a democratic way of life.
  • No Islam without democracy, democracy is God’s way.
  • There is compulsion on one-side and this is freedom and choice on the other side and that is Islam.
  • The devil’s successful lie, that Muslims don’t believe in choice.
  • God has made it a level playing field.
  • The Lie from the devil putting the blame on the women.
  • Divine instruments installed in us to protect ourselves from untruth and the devil.
  • The devil’s first lie.
  • Recovering from colonial domination; Africa, Americas, India, Arab World, Iran…
  • Generation after generation, brutality of dictatorship.
  • Suddenly the Egyptian nation woke up.