• Why are Muslims killing each other?
  • The legacy of colonisation all over the world.
  • When the world burns, what are the Muslims doing? And where is the Muslim voice? Where are the Muslim prayers?
  • Escapism by running off to holy places to find God – the case of Muslims.
  • Can turning to God and praying help? Asking God directly for help rather than go to all kinds of Intermediaries.
  • Just when we thought there were no tyrants left in the world. Concentration Camps in today’s world?
  • These people are fighting for their rights and freedoms.
  • If people do not have fundamental rights and freedoms then they have nothing.
  • How people lie to distort reality – an example of the devil and two sons of Adam.
  • Ingredients of making of a tyrant haven’t changed.
  • Two types of people – ignorant ones and charlatans.
  • Tyrants use people as fodder for their own greed and lust for power.
  • Examples of recent and current dictators.
  • Great tragedy of our times: Sources of information are tainted.
  • Examples of democracy in the world and how nations are progressing.
  • Other places have democracy. Why don’t Muslim countries have the same democracy?
  • The land of the Pharaohs: Egypt – so many dictatorships continuously for over a century or more. The story of Mubarak’s own people calling for his trial and blood for all the murders he ordered of innocent protestors.

“What many people may not realize about Islam is that the Law of Gravity is as Islamic as Fasting and Prayers – what is called Siyaam and Salaah or Roza and Namaz. And having a safe, sturdy and secure ladder as a requirement of climbing an otherwise inaccessible roof may be as much a part of Islamic life as Ablution or Wudu is to Prayers or Salaah. For all those used to various forms and brands of Snake Oil in the name of Islam, and in the name of “religion” in general, how does this sound as a core insight into the spirit and true teachings of Islam?” (Dr. Pasha)


  • Qur’an refers to animals as nations and societies just like you.
  • The Qur’an 1400 years old on this earth, verbatim still in our hands.
  • God exists because you exist.
  • Spirit of freedom in the West.
  • Islam means freedom.
  • Islam and freedom, same thing.
  • Biggest lie about Islam: “Muslims forced everybody to become Muslims.”
  • You need a basic foundation of human freedom, personal choice and human dignity on which you erect the pillars of Islam.
  • When Muslims mess up, the world will be a mess.
  • Why are the Muslims killing Muslims?
  • Why all the violence?
  • Hundreds and thousands killed just for wanting to be free.
  • Beautiful prayer by Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam, just like everyone of his other prayers: 
    “Dear God make me small in my own eyes and make me big in the eyes of others.”
  • Showing love and patience to the younger people.
  • Examples of Mosques. Examples of others.
  • “Greet people who you know and greet those who you don’t know.”  Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam. Say something nice.
  • Basis of discrimination towards others.
  • Dealing with people is dealing with God.
  • Bargaining with God and the arrogance people show, an example of a room in paradise.
  • A formula of how to treat people right.
  • Connection between Jesus and Muhammad, Alaihimassalam.
  • “They are not part of us, those who don’t show respect to those who are older than them and those who don’t show compassion to those who are younger than them” Prophet Muhammad, Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam.

“Between a mindless electorate, a mendacious political elite and a mercenary media, one wonders who is minding the store we call home, sweet home. And who is looking after the interests of the people – the American People, or just about any People Anywhere.” (Dr. Pasha)

“Try as much as you can to work with people and not against them. Be a peacemaker and not a troublemaker. Always remember that it is Allah that opens doors and not your own personal cleverness or the help of other people. And Allah facilitates things with a gentle and softer touch faster than things that have a rough edge to them.” (Dr. Pasha)