Sometimes, it may appear as if non-Islam – or call it Anti-Islam if you will, just like A and Not-A or Matter and Anti-Matter – has everything. And Islam and Muslims have nothing.

But we have – Islam has and Muslims must have – what much of non- or anti-Islam does not, and, in many cases, cannot have.

And that is our Integrity – unassailable and unimpeachable, and totally unavailable for sale or cooptation.

Our Commitment to Truth as it were to seek it and to speak it as much as it is in our power as human beings to do. Frail and flawed as we are, and we shall always be, as human beings.

Once we lose our grip on our Integrity, and on our Commitment to Truth, we run the risk of losing everything else.

Go, read your Iqbal now.

And if you don’t know who or what Iqbal is or was, go find out. Here is a hint to help you out.

Iqbal, along with Ghalib, was one of a handful of the World’s Greatest Poets of All Times and in All Cultures and Languages.

And just like Ghalib, Iqbal too wrote his super-human work, not just in one language, but in two languages – all at the same time: Urdu and Persian or Farsi.

And, just as it was in the case of Ghalib, the work he produced was better and even more superior in one language than it was in the other language. Don’t ask me which was which.

If you don’t know this, that is, if you don’t know who Ghalib and Iqbal were, or how great they were, or the fact that they both produced their masterpiece poetry in two languages and not in one language, then, forgive me, but regardless of whether you are a Muslim or a non-Muslim, your education, culture, training and knowledge are that much the poorer and deficient for it.

I mean if you don’t know about Iqbal and Ghalib, or if you do not have the right and proper perspective on them, and on how great and remarkable and unique they truly were, then you owe it to yourself to go and remedy that deficiency.

Just like I wish there was a way for me, at this stage in my own life, to learn Latin, Sanskrit, Greek and all the other beautiful languages of the world.

In any case, the point I was trying to make is this: Anti-Islam, as opposed to Islam, uses Falsehood, and not Truth, as its main weapon of war against Islam and Muslims.

For, if Anti-Islam uses Truth, and does not use Falsehood, it will perish. Period.

It will self-destruct.

The equation is simple and straightforward:

If Islam and Muslims use anything but Truth, they will lose and disappear.

If Anti-Islam uses anything but Falsehood then it will cease to exist.

In other words, Truth to Anti-Islam is like Sunlight is supposed to be to the mythical monster Count Dracula and his disciples. Sunlight comes and they disappear.

That is because Islam is Haq. And Anti-Islam is Batil.

Anti-Islam is the child of darkness and deviancy, and of evil minds and depraved souls, and unlike Islam and Muslims, Falsehood is its natural home and habitat.

Qul Jaa-al Haqqu Wa Zahaqal Baatil!

How much more clear or beautiful can it get?

So, for Anti-Islam, it is Lie Through Your Teeth or Perish!

And for Islam, it is tell the truth or pay the price.

As to what specific forms of Falsehood does Anti-Islam resort to and utilize in its war on Islam and Muslims? Here is an incomplete but a very common laundry list of them:

  • Every conceivable kind of propaganda;
  • Demonization of Islam and Muslims and all its other enemies;
  • Manipulation of facts and information and images;
  • False framing of unsuspecting innocents;
  • Planting of cooked evidence in show trials in Kangaroo Courts;
  • Fabrication of entire stories and storylines;
  • Brazen False Flag Operations in which Anti-Islam perpetrates the most terrible things and then turns around and blames Islam, Muslims and other innocents for them;
  • Unscrupulous fudging of data, small and large.

Let me summarize my main point one more time:

If Islam resorts to lies, in preference to Truth, it must pack up and go home.

If, on the other hand, Anti-Islam turns to using Truth, and puts away for a day its arsenal of lies and fabrications, and Falsehood, it must inevitably self-destruct.

Now, you go and figure out who does what, and you will know Haq from Batil, Truth from Falsehoodno matter what media, and no matter what books, and no matter what scholars or politicians, tell you what.

Then you decide on whose side you think God would or should be.


No one asks this question, but we all should: Who sets the Muslim agenda?

That means who makes Muslims think, talk and act the way they do it? Who makes Muslims do the things they do?

In other words, who sets Muslim priorities for study, investigation, analysis, communication and action? 

People tell Muslims to jump. It is a typical American expression for asking someone to do their bidding.

And Muslims dutifully oblige. They jump.

Meaning: Muslims happily do whatever whoever asks them to do. Not for them to ask: Who wants us to do it?

And, certainly, not for them, as the poet said, to reason why? Theirs, often, again as the same poet said about the Charge of the Light Brigade, but to do and die.

That is how the Muslims are and that is how they do things. They often simply do and die without ever reasoning why.

But with me it is different. It has always been.

To me, it is always important to know why I should do whatever I am told or expected to do.

So, when someone asks or pressures me to say or do something, I almost always ask two questions:

Question One: Why should I do it?

Question Two: Who wants me to do it?

So far as Muslims are concerned, I submit here is a list of the Usual Suspects of the Great Whodunnit of the Muslim agenda:

  1. The media – mostly non-Muslim international newspapers; radio; television; the Internet; magazines; and anything and everything of that kind. They play a disproportionate role in setting the Muslims agenda.

    By and large, if the media cover it – whatever it is – sooner than later it ends up becoming part of the Muslim agenda.

  2. Anyone anywhere – people who desperately look around for topics for Muslim lectures, seminars and conferences, often without much serious rhyme or reason.

  3. Non-Muslim Think Tank experts in the so-called advanced or developed countries of the world – and their Muslim stooges and hireling inductees.

  4. Non-Muslim political activists and their Muslim surrogates.

  5. Non-Muslim religious propagandists and their Muslim mouthpieces and apologists.

  6. Corrupt Muslim governments – sadly, most Muslim governments are riddled by corruption – and their equally corrupt functionaries and sycophants on the one hand and their foreign masters, handlers and mentors on the other hand.

  7. Non-Muslim experts in Psychological Warfare (Psyops) and False Flag Operations.

And this list is by no means complete.


(Dr. Pasha)

Here is a real-life Whodunit in the form of a perfect chicken-or-egg circle: Is it Islam or is it the Muslims: Who is the real culprit when it comes to all the terrible things that are going on in the world?

And at whose door should the blame be placed: Muslims as good-for-nothing people, or Islam as a failed philosophy and religion? Or the Qur’an where all this stuff is supposed to come from?


Everybody is asking that question.