“The usual Liars-Liars-Pants-on-Fires say Islam is all about forcing people to become Muslim. I checked and guess what I found? You will not believe this, but this is what I found: “Absolutely, positively, there is to be no coercion or compulsion in matters of faith or belief!” That is what I found – without ambiguity or prevarication of any kind.

And guess where I found it. In the Qur’an, that is where.

Can you find me 10 comparable so-called “religious” texts, or secular documents, going back 1400 years, that make the same proclamation of individual liberty that the Qur’an does? And that guarantee everyone everywhere the same right to freedom of belief and conscience as does the Qur’an?

I also wonder how many Muslims know this. Or, for that matter, how many non-Muslims do. And just to be curious how many Muslims and non-Muslims told each other this.” (Dr. Pasha)

“Propaganda against Islam and Muslims comes in successive waves. And most propaganda has lies and distortions of one kind or another at its core. It was not so long ago that the Liars-Liars-Pants-on-Fires used to say that Islam was spread by the sword. So, I decided to check. And here is what I found. I discovered that the Qur’an does not use the word sword – Saif in Arabic – even a single time. Not even once.

This discovery, along with many others of the same kind, helped me to understand how the Liars-Liars-Pants-on-Fires will use any means and method necessary, and any lies and distortions they could lay their hands on, to give Islam – and Muslims – a bad name.” (Dr. Pasha)

So, here is the first My Log of the day, week, year, century. And it is mostly directed at the willful and deliberate Liars-Liars-Pants-on-Fires.

And of course it is also for those who may be genuinely and honestly confused or unaware or misled or misinformed. May God Almighty forgive, guide and help them and make it easy for them to learn and understand.

The Qur’an actually pioneers, promulgates and promotes something you would never know, for, they haven’t drilled that into your heads yet: Gender Respect and Gender Inclusiveness.

Tell them that the Qur’an goes way beyond Gender Neutrality and teaches and promotes something that the world has yet to learn: the 25th Century, or even the Fourth Millennium, concepts of Gender Respect and Gender Inclusiveness.

And here is how the Qur’an does it – unlike anything you ever heard or saw or thought possible – that I paraphrase here directly from the Qur’an…

“Liars know they are liars. And they know they are wrong. More often than not, that alone should be enough to keep them from truly enjoying the fruits of their lies and evil ways. Assuming, that is, they do have a conscience of some kind and their sense of right and wrong is not fully atrophied.” (Dr. Pasha)