Those who spend endless hours and days debating if a woman can be a leader or not; and if she can be in charge of something or not; and then they drag the glorious and blessed name of Islam in this perverse, foolish and futile debate; all they need to do is just think about one thing.

That is all they need to do. Think about one thing. Answer one simple question. […]


  • What does the Qur’an say about Non-Muslims?
  • The deliberate lies of People who have vested interests.
  • The Concept of all human being are equal is the core fundamental in Islam.
  • Can people rule others by divine right?
  • The notion of Blueblood and Primogeniture in Islamic culture.
  • Hereditary Priests and Monarchy, the mess of the world, the relationship with Islam.
  • Why the problems in the Middle-East?
  • What good and bad are Muslims capable of ?
  • Perversity of stupidity in both Muslims and Non-Muslims.
  • The best way forward and the best among Muslims and non-Muslims.


  • The Gift of the Immortal Qur’an.
  • “Better Days Are Coming!”
  • Qur’an needs no revision; Islam needs no reform.
  • Who designed the universe.
  • The Equality of all People.
  • The inalienable right of all people to be Free.
  • The Greatest Show on Earth.
  • What the Qur’an says about the Purpose and Value of a Non-Muslim.
  • Dealing with neighbors: Muslim and Non-Muslim.
  • The Colonization and Enslavement of the people of the Middle East.
  • Recognizing that there are worse things than Death.

That is how it was that over fourteen centuries ago Islam forever nailed the three interrelated concepts of Gender Neutrality, Gender Respect and Gender Inclusiveness in all forms of human communication.

And Islam did so using a single word that the Qur’an called Annaas, which means a perfectly gender-neutral concept: “People.

Not the exclusively and heavily male-gendered expression “Mankind,” which created such havoc in the world at so many levels of human thought, discourse and behavior for so many centuries.

And which subjected women, one half of the human race, to serfdom and second-class status throughout the world.

The Qur’an uses instead the expression “People” that, unlike “Mankind,” includes, in equal measure, both genders: male as well as female; men as well as women.

And the Qur’an uses that expression AnnaasPeople – not just one or two or 10 times, but close to 250 times.

And not once does the Qur’an use the male-centered “Mankind.”

Not once!

So, here is the first My Log of the day, week, year, century. And it is mostly directed at the willful and deliberate Liars-Liars-Pants-on-Fires.

And of course it is also for those who may be genuinely and honestly confused or unaware or misled or misinformed. May God Almighty forgive, guide and help them and make it easy for them to learn and understand.

The Qur’an actually pioneers, promulgates and promotes something you would never know, for, they haven’t drilled that into your heads yet: Gender Respect and Gender Inclusiveness.

Tell them that the Qur’an goes way beyond Gender Neutrality and teaches and promotes something that the world has yet to learn: the 25th Century, or even the Fourth Millennium, concepts of Gender Respect and Gender Inclusiveness.

And here is how the Qur’an does it – unlike anything you ever heard or saw or thought possible – that I paraphrase here directly from the Qur’an…

“A society that refuses or fails to educate its females is fighting the battle of life with one hand tied behind its back. In fact, it is someone trying to live their life with half their body. How is that supposed to be possible?

Besides, why would anyone want to have a most uneducated woman as their mother, sister, daughter or wife?” (Dr. Pasha)

“Islam wants to give everyone a fair chance. It wants to level the playing field.

That is why Islam wants us to focus, not so much on people’s race, gender or age, which they cannot change; or even on their nationality or social status, which are also mostly inherited; but rather on their belief and their behavior, which most people should be able to analyze, understand and modify if they tried.” (Dr. Pasha)