Within Islam it is both legitimate and right to ask the question: “Why Islam?” Every tenet in Islam is subject to analysis and contention. No other religion is willing to subject its basic fundamentals of faith to such questioning. For example, Saint Thomas Aquinas, the most rational of Christian theologians, stopped the use of reason when it came to the basic fundamentals of Christian faith. He then tried to justify faith. So to ask “why Christianity?” is an illegitimate question. However, Allah invites the question as to “why Islam?”.

I feel I am trivializing it by putting it this way, but that is the image that comes to mind. And it is not even apt or appropriate, really.

But when I see people falling over themselves, and not even minding if they trample each other, to get to their coveted bargains in all these sales, I say: All right, here is another sale for all you sale lovers of the world. […]

I don’t know who you are. I don’t know what or where you are. And I have no idea what you do or don’t do. But regardless of all that, I would still like you to read that book – the most amazing and incomparable Al-Qur’an!

For, there is no other book quite like that book in the world! There never was, and there never will be. Not to belittle, disparage or put any other book down. But simply to tell you that this is a book you owe it to yourself to read.

This book – I mean that book – is quite unlike any other book you may have read. […]

These days, they are all experts: on Islam and Muslims I mean. And in as many cases as not, instant experts, I must point out.

Drive-by Experts is what I call this crop of instant cognoscenti that flood the market – and the airwaves – and the media in general – in these troubled times. Those in policy portals are somewhat different. Often, many of them know their stuff even though they may choose to twist truth to fit policy parameters and political agendas.

And the factors that breed this mushroom cloud of Drive-by Experts on Islam and Muslims are many. Not the least among them is the money that can be made by a claim to expertise on Islam, no matter how tenuous or precarious. And the perks and privileges that go with it.

There is name, fame and fortune to be made by saying you are an Islamic Expert and then letting loose on Islam and Muslims, left, right and center. Poor Muslims – barring the blackguards and charlatans among them – wouldn’t know what hit them or how to respond to this onslaught in a truly meaningful, effective, civilized, rational and peaceful way. And if they did make some noises of the legitimate and appropriate variety, no one will pay any attention to them anyway.

But it is good that fewer and fewer buses seem to suffer the wrath of angry and frustrated Muslim mobs in parts of Islamistan. The fury seems to be headed for the jugular now as evidently angry and frustrated agents of powerful money and politics – both domestic and foreign – have developed more of a penchant for blown up bodies than for burned buses. […]



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What God do Muslims worship?

That was the question – asked a while ago by some people in the Western world.

The media played it up. As is the media’s wont to play such things up.

And yet the question is really a timeless one. And none other than God Almighty himself taught and prepared the Muslims – over centuries and millennia – to be able to answer that question in any age, culture or context.

And I provide that answer here in four parts using as my reference nothing but the pure and preserved word of God Almighty in the text of the Qur’an.